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“Providing you with a confident cybersecurity response plan to real-world threats that exceed compliance requirements” Benjamin Bressington,
CEO ChatFortress
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Helping companies detect and remediate Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities in real-time before they escalate into Cybersecurity Threats that cause Downtime, Financial Loss, and Brand Reputation Damage.

Real-time cybersecurity solutions designed for your budget to help you build a cybersecurity solutions culture and protect your assets.

Claim $300 worth of Cybersecurity Solutions Awareness Training videos for FREE!

Each video is less than 4 minutes and you’ll discover how to detect unique scams that cybercriminals used to steal your data, identity and money.

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Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats faster

Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats faster with our Autonomous End-point Breach Protection.

Let our team monitor and detect cybersecurity threats against your network, users, files and hosts 24/7 via our Cynet360 XDR and Response Automation platform.

Detect and Respond to Threats in Real-time 24/7.

Cynet XDR prevents and detects security threats on endpoints, networks, and users and triggers for each identified threat an automated investigation flow that reveals the attack’s scope and root cause and applies automated remediation. The 24×7 MDR team continuously monitor and optimize this process to maintain top quality and precision.

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Detect and Respond to Threats
Detect and Remove BAD Emails

Detect and Remove BAD Emails from your inbox in 3 Seconds or less!

Protect your inbox against Email Phishing Attacks, Email Impersonation and Business Email Compromise

ChatFortress Cybersecurity Solutions is the world’s first automated phishing, prevention, detection and response cybersecurity platform. Combining humans and machine intelligence with machine learning to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails, DDoS attacks before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

Discover how to dectect email scams
ChatFortress Cybersecurity Solutions

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Discover what losing over $50,000

$50,000 Airbnb Scam Video

Discover what losing over $50,000 in this AirBnb scam taught me about cybersecurity solutions, and how you can protect yourself!

How hackers exploit your email inbox

Common Email Mistakes Video

How hackers exploit your email inbox to steal your identity and money without detection!

Join the Cyber Security Conversation...

The world's best community for cybersecurity professionals to network and ask questions with your peers! Get access to the latest news, resources and strategies to advance your cyber security services and passions.

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Join the Cyber Security Conversation

Webinar exposes the one Email that Hackers send to Steal your Identity and Steal Your Data!

Hackers are using identity theft, impersonation, and compromised passwords to manipulate your trust so they can attack your business and your clients! Discover what you can do to protect yourself.

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What’s Your Cybersecurity Risk

What’s Your Cybersecurity Risk?

ChatFortress Quantifies your Cybersecurity Risk Profile and provides you with the Blueprint to reduce your Risk!

Discover how hackers, partners, and customers see your organizations vulnerabilities from the outside. We grade you from A to F, so you know instantly where your risks are. ChatFortress allows you to understand your 3rd Party Vendor Risks and mitigate your risk profile.

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Advance (171 Practices & 85 Processes)


Proactive (156 Practices & 68 Processes)


Good (130 Practices & 51 Processes)


Intermediate (72 Practices & 34 Processes)

Upgrade your Cybersecurity Culture by implementing the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC Certification and CMMC Levels), NIST800-171 & DFARS 7012 framework.
Cybersecurity Certification

That ChatFortress Easy Compliance platform helps companies to create a cybersecurity culture strategy. Using our rapid assessments that automate meeting your compliance requirements tasks and workflows. Our Compliance Documentation Artificial Intelligence to write your policy documents, leveraging our compliance document templates.

Complete CMMC Level 1 Audit for Free Schedule Your Culture & Compliance Discovery Session{' '}

Who We Are? is powered by ChatFortress is a leading cybersecurity company helping business owners protect their assets from cybercriminals. We provide companies with access to the latest technologies, social engineering and human behavioral strategies, and user education to create a proactive cybersecurity culture. Helping you fortify your business against cyberattacks.

8 Email Phishing Scams targeting business owners

8 Email Phishing Scams Stealing Your Data!

Here are the 8 common types of email phishing attacks that hackers use to steal your identity

Email Guardian Stop Bad Malicious Emails

Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

Common Cybersecurity Mistakes and how you can protect yourself and your business from liability and financial loss! Instant Webinar Access!

cybersecurity crash course email series

Improve your Cybersecurity Knowledge in 7 Days!

Discover current hacker trends to steal your data and how you can protect yourself in 7 day FREE Email Cybersecurity crash course

Email Guardian Stop Bad Malicious Emails

Detect and Remove Bad Emails in 3 Seconds!

ChatFortress Email Guardian is the world’s first automated phishing, prevention, detection and response platform combining humans and machine intelligence with machine learning to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

Email Guardian Stop Bad Malicious Emails

The Seven Essentials of a Modern Email Security Platform

How businesses can reduce the time from phishing attack detection to response from hours and days to just seconds. Did you know that any organization, regardless of size and the number of in-house security personnel employed, can now automatically prevent, detect and respond to all types of sophisticated phishing techniques in real-time.

SOC as a Service

Virtual Security Operations Center

SOC-as-a-service means you no longer have to worry about whether or not the data that flows through your network is safe, no matter how frequently your network is attacked and no matter what time of day or day of the year. It means you can enjoy a comprehensive managed security solution with state-of-the-art threat detection, risk reduction tools and a range of other features without any alteration of your existing infrastructure.


Cybersecurity-related analyses included rating and statements in the content of this Cybersecurity Report Card and associated reports are statements of the relative future risks of entities as of the date they are expressed, and not statements of current or historical fact as to the safety of transacting with any entity, recommendations regarding division to do business with any entity, endorsements of the accuracy of any of the data or conclusions or attempts to independently assess or vouch for the security measures of any entity. ChatFortress parties disclaim any and all express or implied warranties, including but not limited to, (1) any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of use, (2) Accuracy, results, timeliness, and completeness, (3) freedom from bugs, software errors, and defects, (4) that the content’s functioning will be uninterrupted and, (5) that the content will operate with any software or hardware configuration.

The Cybersecurity Report Card is an external security assessment completed using open source software, and OSINT standards used to provide a snapshot of the security posture of a company at a given point in time. This does not include the internal protections companies have implemented or in the process of implementing. All companies are provided the ability to remediate cybersecurity report card vulnerabilities found at no cost as part of the cybersecurity report card program. When a company remediates vulnerabilities, it may result in changes to report-card findings and can result in changes to the cybersecurity report card grade. It may take up to 30 days for scans to process a change, modification or remediation has occurred. Companies can choose to opt-out of displaying their Cybersecurity Report Card grade. Still, their directory listing will not be removed due to the importance of assessing 3rd party risk is in the public interest and public domain.