10 Cybersecurity Services That Will Keep Cybercriminals Out of Your Business!

Posted on July 26, 2021 by Jonathan Coronado

10 Cybersecurity Services That Will Keep Cybercriminals Out of Your Business!

10 Cybersecurity Services That Will Keep Cybercriminals Out of Your Business!

ChatFortress provides comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment, risk mitigation, and governance risk and compliance services. Helping companies to protect themselves against online and offline security threats while maintaining or exceeding the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), NIST800-171, and DFars compliance requirements. ChatFortress aims to provide companies with the framework for designing and implementing a cybersecurity culture that allows the company to become resilient against attack.

ChatFortress proactively supports companies with a remote and virtual workforce, even those that use a cloud-based IT SAAS structure.

Apply REAL-TIME Cybersecurity Protection, Detection, and Response strategies to your business to keep cybercriminals out!

ChatFortress believes that these products would support small companies in becoming cyberthreat resilient.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

ChatFortress provides companies with access to Cybersecurity Awareness training on a monthly basis using 4 minute or less animated training videos. The ChatFortress platform has been designed to maximize engagement while increasing retention. This helps employees to detect the scams used by cybercriminals while increasing their general security awareness. To empower our companies to create a cybersecurity culture the platform allows sharing each awareness training video with 7 different friends or family members. 

Cyber threats target the individual and therefore it’s critical that this training is shared with as many people as possible. Helping the company to create a security-aware culture within their company.

Discover current hacker trends to steal your data and how you can protect yourself


ThreatFortress is the real-time threat detection platform used by clients to detect and remediate threats on devices in real-time. The ThreatFortress platform is a fully integrated and optimized anti-virus, malware detection, endpoint detection, and response system that’s integrated with our 24/7 Secure Operations Center (SOC). This provides clients the ability to detect threats and remediate threats in real-time 24/7.

None of the ThreatFortress clients have been a victim of a ransomware attack in over 7 years. Our goal here is to provide clients with cutting-edge threat detection to prevent downtime and intellectual property theft.

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Protecting companies from 5 devices to 10,000 around the world.

Email Guardian

90% of security threats occur in a person’s email inbox. Therefore Email Guardian has been designed to provide real-time threat detection and remediation at the email inbox. Identifying email impersonation attempts, malware, or malicious links and removing these threats before they engage with them.

Email Guardian provides access to our Email Security team and works for companies that use Google GSuite, Microsoft Outlook 365, or an Office Exchange server. Providing advance email inbox security for companies on a budget. 


Easily Deploy & Integrate Into Your Existing Email Security Stack

ChatFortress Email Guardian combination of automated, technology-driven pre-incident protection, post-incident protection and incident response is by far the fastest and most effective approach – quantifiably reducing the organization’s risk from phishing attacks by more than 70%, with ongoing upside. Reduce the burden on your IT team for processing bad emails.

Managed IT Services

ChatFortress provides managed IT support services to help companies keep their I.T system operational. Helping companies to reduce operational downtime and security vulnerabilities caused by poor IT hygiene. Our remote IT MSP team helps businesses by patching, updating, and configuring any of their computer or general IT needs. From setting up new users, or fixing computer issues, general patching and updating, to validating backup systems are operational.  The Managed IT Team helps small businesses to focus on what’s most important to growing their business rather than getting a computer to work correctly. 

Cybersecurity Report Card every 30 days?

You're One Misconfiguration Away from a Cloud-Based Data Breach. There are new threats and vulnerabilities exposed every day. As part of the Fortified program you will receive an updated Cybersecurity Report Card every 30 day identifying any new risks automatically.

The Cybersecurity Report Card scans the 8 cybersecurity modules to alert you to new issues. As part of the Fortified program we won’t only alert you to these problems but fix them for you. Helping you to focus on what’s important to growing you business.

Your monthly Cybersecurity Report Card can be part of your compliance program and your commitment to creating a cybersecurity culture.

Do you ever feel like you've been fighting the cybersecurity war blind?

Your company is constantly under attack. Here are just some of the scams used by cybercriminals to exploit your intellectual property or damage your reputation.

Instantly Improve Your Cybersecurity Report Card Grade with the ChatFortress Fortified program

Ransomware Simulation 

The ChatFortress Ransomware Simulation is part of our breach and attack platform. This helps businesses to validate their systems are protected against real-world ransomware and malware-based threats. Ransom Sim provides businesses with the confidence to know their systems are protected against the latest attacks. Providing complete system validation for their email gateway, web gateway, and endpoint systems. 

Every day another company in the news has fallen victim to cybercriminals scams. Here are just a few names from last week.

When was the last time you validated your current cybersecurity protocols, software, and systems are configured correctly?

You might be thinking that this is something I.T. handled or the company you outsourced to does, right?

Well, what we find 99% of the time is that no-one ever preforms these validations because previously they take too much time. It also requires you to stop focusing on the fires of today to review the work of last week, last month, or even last year.

This is the number one reason why companies avoid this type of testing. But the good news is that it does not need to be that complicated or time consuming.

The good news is that if you are using the Cymulate platform we can validate your existing systems against over 633 real-world ransomware and malware attacks in less than 90 minutes.

Cyberattacks that included in your Immediate Threats Package:

  1. MedusaLocker Ransomware
  2. Pay2Key Ransomware
  3. Kraken - Windows error reporting service abuse
  4. Notpetya Ransomware
  5. BazarBacdoor: Trickbot network hack
  6. Windows Remote Desktop Malware
  7. Sodinokibi
  8. Plus 626 more cyberattacks along with our team creating new attacks every day!

CMMC Gap Audit & 12 Month Cybersecurity Plan 

Rapidly understand how to implement the CMMC (Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification) & NIST800-171 Cybersecurity Framework into your organization to improve your cybersecurity posture. The Gap Analysis will help you understand: 

  1. Your organization’s current cybersecurity posture, 
  2. Identify the non-compliant requirements and,
  3. Help you to create a cybersecurity plan for your organization for the next 12 months. 
  4. Obtain your SPRS along with the support POA&M 


CMMC & NIST800-171 Compliance Documentation

ChatFortress provides businesses with the ability to write and personalize their cybersecurity documentation and policies. Using our Easy Compliance platform to create, manage and record the evidence for all of your compliance documentation. This process allows companies to save 1000+ hours on writing and managing their compliance documentation.

CMMC & NIST800-171 Process Implementation

Meeting the CMMC & NIST800-171 framework is critical for any government or DoD contractors. It’s important for these businesses to understand the process for implementing the CMMC & NIST800-171 framework and the ChatFortress team can provide this personalized consulting. Helping companies to clearly meet the requirements for each of the CMMC 5 levels in preparation for their certification audits. ChatFortress helps companies to implement the processes required, while managing or supporting their IT needs. 

Designed for busy professionals without needing a Tech Team, or a Team of Security Professionals!

The ChatFortress Easy Compliance platform makes implementing your compliance requirements easier and faster!

Let our Virtual CISO team guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. Your not alone!

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

This program is designed to help companies create cybersecurity resilience and implement governance protocols to meet their compliance requirements. 


The objectives of the ChatFortress VCISO program include, but are not limited to: 

  • Help the company become resilient to cyber-attacks. 
  • Provide the company with strategic direction on how to meet cybersecurity compliance requirements. 
  • Ensure the company is not overpaying for cybersecurity services, systems, and protocols. 
  • Help the company to allocate resources and optimize its budgets. 
  • Provide the company with validation they are protected against real-world threats. 
  • Provide the company with access to world-class cybersecurity strategies. 

Measures of Success: 

Progress towards these objectives will be measured by: 

  • Creating feedback loops for employees to report cybersecurity incidents. 
  • Providing the company with clear metrics on their security vulnerabilities. 
  • Providing the company with a clear strategy on how to improve cybersecurity resilience. 
  • Helping the company to reduce its informational technology expenses while maintaining operational efficiency.

Who is ChatFortress

ChatFortress is a leading cybersecurity company that helps small and medium-size companies protect themselves from hacking attempts. Using Cybersecurity AI, Gamified cybersecurity awareness programs and providing virtual security analysts. Our goal is to help you create a cybersecurity aware culture.

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