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2020 USA Presidential Candidates are Exposing Themselves to Hackers!

The ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Cards found 316 security vulnerabilities that hackers can easily exploit which would result in data compromise or reputation loss. Let alone the 101 leaked credentials on the dark web that allows anyone access to the Canidates online accounts.

What’s of most concern is all of the information here is public domain and anyone has access to it!

Many Candidates are failing to assess their vulnerabilities with email spoofing. This is when someone else can impersonate your domain’s email address. You can prevent this if you apply your DMARC and SPF records to your email setup.

This simple cybersecurity step is like using hand sanitizer for your email.

Another recent ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card study of Presidential Candidates showed that a large number of candidates are exposed to email impersonation due to poor email security. Each of the Candidates has a cybersecurity vulnerability which increases their likelihood of a cyberattack. You would have thought they would have learned from what happened in the last election but it looks like many candidates are not taking precautions.

Here are links to the 2020 USA Presidential Candidates Cybersecurity Report Cards:

NameGradeCybersecurity Report Card
Michael Bennet B-

View Report Card

Joe Biden C+

View Report Card

Michael Bloomberg C+

View Report Card

Cory Booker C

View Report Card

Pete Buttigieg B

View Report Card

John Delaney B-

View Report Card

Tulsi Gabbard C

View Report Card

Amy Klobuchar C+

View Report Card

Deval Patrick B

View Report Card

Bernie Sanders C+

View Report Card

Tom Steyer C

View Report Card

Elizabeth Warren B-

View Report Card

Marianne Williamson C+

View Report Card

Andrew Yang B-

View Report Card

Roque De La Fuente B-

View Report Card

Donald Trump C

View Report Card

Bill Weld C

View Report Card

Joe Walsh C

View Report Card

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