CMMC Practice AC5024; Requirements and Documentation | ChatFortress

Posted on June 19, 2021 by Benjamin Bressington

CMMC Practice AC5024; Requirements and Documentation | ChatFortress
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CMMC Practice Requirement:

Access Control - AC.5.024

Identify and mitigate risk associated with unidentified wireless access points connected to the network.

Access Control - AC.5.024 Clarification Statement

This practice can be implemented in a variety of ways. One approach would be to use a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS), a network device that monitors the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized access points. Other approaches are those used to detect and/or block any rogue network device. On the physical security side, unused RJ45 jacks in a facility can be turned off, however, this does not account for repurposing an authorized jack. A more robust solution is to identify authorized devices and create access controls limiting connections to those devices. Each device that is allowed to connect has a profile to include expected physical location that is maintained by the system administrators. This, in turn, facilitates the creation of a device white list which can be used with a port monitoring tool to control connections. Another approach would be the utilization of device detection software that the system administrator uses to establish a device baseline which is periodically compared to new scans using the same software to identify changes, specifically unauthorized additions when compared to the scan result of authorized connected devices.

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