CMMC Practice CA4227; Requirements and Documentation | ChatFortress

Posted on June 19, 2021 by Benjamin Bressington

CMMC Practice CA4227; Requirements and Documentation | ChatFortress
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CMMC Practice Requirement:

Security Assessment - CA.4.227

Periodically perform red teaming against organizational assets in order to validate defensive capabilities.

Security Assessment - CA.4.227- Clarification Statement

This practice focuses on red teaming an organization for the purpose of validating defensive cyber capabilities focusing on identifying or thwarting attacks. As the red team performs tests against the organization the red team is also working with the organization’s cyber defender(s) in order to help validate the defensive capabilities against the attacks used. This is a completely transparent relationship where the red team works with the organization’s cyber defenders in order to identify areas that need improvement. While large corporations may have internal teams perform this testing, a lot of small companies will lack the in-house expertise to perform red teaming properly. Third-party adversarial assessment teams can be used in this case. Rules of engagement will need to be generated prior to testing in order to define the bounds of the testing, and to make sure test teams know to what levels they may perform testing and making sure the in-bound assets are defined. The red team and cyber defense teams need to keep in mind that they are working together to find gaps, identify misconfigurations, and help improve the cyber defenses of the organization.

Red teams are typically asked to test environments from outside the enterprise and work their way in. It is recommended to allow red teams to perform testing from inside the environment as well, acting as if the outer perimeter protections have been breached, even if they are considered secure. The best results will be achieved when the red team is given the architectural knowledge of the environment being tested. When completed, the organization should have a better understanding of any cyber defense shortfalls, and be able to prioritize implementing changes as needed.

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