7 Signs You Need a New Detection And Response Solution - ChatFortress

Posted on June 22, 2021 by Benjamin Bressington

7 Signs You Need a New Detection And Response Solution - ChatFortress

7 Signs You Need a New Detection And Response Solution

The internet is a dangerous place. Malicious actors are continuously evolving their tactics to launch more sophisticated and damaging attacks on our networks. And while it may seem like these attackers are skilled professionals, the reality is that they're just as vulnerable to detection as you are. The key difference is that they don't care about being detected because they know how to stay hidden from your security solutions which means you need new detection and response (EDR) solution for cybersecurity protection.

It's a fact that the bad guys are always evolving. They're getting smarter, more creative, and they're constantly coming up with new ways to attack your company's security. If you've been involved in cybersecurity for any length of time at all, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

In this blog post we'll discuss 7 signs you need a new detection and response (EDR) solution so that your business can stay protected online without worrying about falling victim of an attack or data breach!

Ignoring all of the highest risk alerts could leave you in need a new detection and response solution.

In order to address the heightened pressure of security teams and detection systems that generate massive quantities of alerts, firms must supplement their operations with more efficient solutions.

The reality is that every alert should be investigated, no matter how small. Severe cyber threats often start out as minor blips on the radar - a file with slightly suspicious behavior or an abnormal process when starting up.

Detect and respond tools are not doing a lot of work if your team is ignoring the alerts they receive.

When it comes to detecting a cyberthreat, the proper response can't be automated. Seeking out an XDR solution that automatically collects and analyzes alerts from multiple streams of telemetry is key for accurately assessing critical security matters.

You may need a new detection and response solution if you're using five different tools to investigate a single threat.

In order for security specialists to investigate alerts quickly and completely, unified solutions are needed. These combine the expansive features of SIEM and SOAR tools. This avoids the problem of “multiple panes of glass” as each investigation only requires a single interface with all necessary information available.

A recent survey of 200 small-to-medium size business CISOs shows that 39% dedicate a full time analyst to chasing down alerts. More alarming is that 14% only look at critical alerts, meaning any alert that may have been misclassified is ignored and 16% ignore automated remediated alerts even though the single threat may be only one part of.

7 Signs You Need a New Detection And Response Solution

An alternative to the manual solutions described is a unified, automated platform that can respond automatically to detected threats by determining their root cause and scope. This also makes it easier to identify and prevent developing threats before they do damage.

If your EDR requires multiple optional add-ons to work properly, you may need a new detection and response solution.

There are a number of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

providers that offer different tiers with increasing levels of features and capabilities. By the time you’ve selected what you need, the list has grown so long that doing calculations becomes more cumbersome than it needs to be. Furthermore, some require additional add-ons for tools such as automated remediation or threat hunting.

While adding these services only makes an initially simple problem more complex, some Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) providers are focusing on making a profit rather than protecting their customers.

A single provider might not offer all the features you need, so it’s best to consider multiple service providers and choose the one that offers everything under one roof. For example, ChatFortress and Cynet include prevention capabilities for detection as well as automated response options and a 24/7 managed security service in its price.

If only one person on your team knows how to manage your EDR, you may need a new detection and response solution.

One of the significant disadvantages with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)s and other detection software is their complexity. These types of systems need to be trained, set up, calibrated and tailored to an organization in order for them to work properly.

A Cynet study found that more than 80% of companies take four months or longer to become proficient with new security tools. Relying on one person can make the entire system less secure if they are unavailable, since the team will not have someone else to fill in for them.

Even under the best of times, one person cannot reasonably manage every event. Couple this with a report from Cynet which found that 47% of companies are struggling to find the necessary skills and experience, and it becomes apparent how complicated emergency responses will be.

Simplifying and lowering the accessibility barrier will solve the problem. Organizations should look for tools that reduce this burden, and can empower more team members to be skilled in as little time as possible. ChatFortress provides an intuitive user interface, and can be learned within days. This allows security teams to maintain their efficiency, instead of spending time learning a new system. Individuals also don’t need to deal with overwhelming workloads, and can focus on more urgent tasks.

If your EDR suddenly claims to be an XDR but nothing has changed, it may be time for a new detection and response solution.

As with any new technology, confusion abounds and there's a difference of opinion as to what constitutes XDR. Two solutions may technically be able to detect an attack but those two solutions are not integrated together and don't provide the best level of protection.Some “Open XDR” vendors are providing only a glorified SIEM/SOAR platform which requires an extensive integration, configuration, and maintenance; the complete opposite of what XDR should provide.

Choosing the best XDR solution is difficult. There are many different controls and features that make up protection, but it’s unclear what level of protection any one company provides overall from detection to response. When looking for a new solution, look for one with native capabilities built from the ground up vs. combined after-the-fact and "hybrid XDR" solutions that can integrate data and information from numerous vendor sources.

Alternatively, with multiple offerings, it can be difficult for organizations to know where they want to spend their limited budget. To help simplify this challenge, ChatFortress includes all capabilities and services so that enterprises have the option of protective prevention and detection techniques or automated remediation options.

If you're paying more for your MDR than for EDR tools, you may need a new detection and response system.

Company Tripwire conducted a survey of security professionals and found that 80% found the shortage of workers with the right security skills difficult to endure. 69% even assert this directly affected how they were able to operate their company’s security operations

Several factors come into play when a company must realize that its network security needs an overhaul. Overwhelming Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools, the inability to staff for high-volume alerts, and devices with outdated security are all symptoms of a worsening problem. A great security solution relies on two sides: an EDR to handle the information and a MDR (manager of detection and response) for managing it. If you’re paying more in salaries for your people than you are budgeting for your technology, consider adapting to a new system before it’s too late.

Instead, when considering the right detection and response solution, be sure to find one that includes an MDR service as part of its offering. ChatFortress offers 24/7 MDR included in its offer; thereby allowing you a full team of experts to complement your team and provide key resources that free up your time for other critical tasks.

If you've looked longingly at Deception technology, but have never been able to afford it, you may need a new detection and response solution...

Deception technology is an asset worth considering if you want to keep attackers from doing any harm. But many companies can't afford putting deception tools on top of their existing security stack - which makes them vulnerable.

Deception technology is a luxury for many companies looking to maintain lean security stacks. A second major issue with deploying deception tools is cost - while the stakes are high, deception can be difficult to justify given its high price tag.

Many of the United States’ adversaries have been experimenting with deception technology and leveraging it as a tool in their cyber arsenal. However, these tools also pose a number of disadvantages to the defending side.

Deception tools are complex software which require finesse and know-how to properly deploy. When they work, these tools are an excellent deterrent.

Instead, When considering a new detection and response framework, opt for a solution with built-in deception capabilities. The need to manage these tools separately is eliminated as they are integrated into the platform.

What is Managed Detection and Remediation?

We've taken EDR to the next level so we detect intrusive malware, and hazardous activity on your network. Our team reduces the time to detection to hours if not minutes. We find and remove the real threats while removing false positives.

For optimal protection, our software can be installed on any device you want to track. It's designed to be lightweight so there are no adverse effects on your computer's performance.

The software is important but the most vital part of the MDR service is the team of analysts that watch your network 24/7. We also walk you through the remediation process. Our team of security experts are constantly monitoring your network.

Let our team monitor and detect cybersecurity threats against your network, users, files and hosts 24/7 via our ThreatFortress Cynet360 XDR and Response Automation platform.

What is Threat Detection and Response?

The purpose of these solutions is to find and solve security breaches that have made it past other defenses, such as a firewall. These solutions can also alert companies when devices are being used for unauthorized purposes.

A detection and response solution can be deployed as software which is installed on a company's endpoints. It communicates back to the administrator for analytics and monitoring. To detect, analyze and remediate malware and intrusions effectively in real time, organizations require the help of a Threat Detection and Incident Response solution.

We at ChatFortress are here to help you with Real-time Detection and Response to Cyber Threats

ThreatFortress Cynet XDR prevents and detects threats on endpoints, networks, and users and triggers for each identified threat an automated investigation flow that reveals the attack’s scope and root cause and applies automated remediation. The 24×7 MDR team continuously monitor and optimize this process to maintain top quality and precision

Final Thoughts

If any of the considerations below resonate, then it may be time to look for an alternative detection and response tool. EDR is excellent in many cases but it should never be your only solution. Adding more tools will not make your network stronger. Instead, you should be looking for fewer tools that can give you everything that you need.

XDR offer a great upgrade from EDR, extending your protection from endpoints to the entire environment and reducing the number of different tools necessary for protection. Instead of a disparate set of tools, dashboards, and remediation methods, you can simply look through a single pane of glass and get all the answers, visibility, and protection you need.

More importantly, the right XDR can also add vital tools that take your defenses beyond your current defenses – providing tools such as included MDR and deception technology. Instead of having to scrap together a security stack, you can get one ready-made for you out of the box. Stop simply adding to a solution that’s not doing what you need and find a security platform that gives you what you want.

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