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ChatFortress Partners with Ironscales to eliminate Email Phishing attacks at your Email Inbox.


Email phishing attacks is a major problem for business owners and consumers. 156 Million phishing emails are sent daily!

One of the reasons they Business Email Compromise attacks are on the rise is because attackers use Phishing attacks via email to extract your data.

For this reason and on our mission to eliminate wire transfer fraud and impersonation attacks. We realized there needs to be a solution that helps you protect your email inbox.

Learn more about the ChatFortress & Irconscales solution here:

ChatFortress helps you by validating the identify of the person you are communicating with using our Selfie Login technology. Now we can provide you with a fully inclusive solution to eliminate email phishing attacks within your inbox.

ChatFortress has expanded the Ironscales solution by providing you with a virtual Email Security Officer as part of our managed solution. Our solution will automate the training of your team members about how to identify and stay alert to email phishing attacks. Along with identifying and removing emails at your inbox globally.

The ChatFortress email look forward to continue our relationship with Irconscales to create a world class solution.

IRONSCALES analyzed data of more than 2 million mailboxes across four continents to better understand trends in email phishing, attacker patterns, phishing tools & capabilities, and hacker preferences. In total, more than 7,500 human verified attacks that bypassed other counter measures like SEG were evaluated. Iconscales has been Named by Forbes as 1 of 25 machine learning companies to watch.

If you want to know more about our Virtual Email Security Officer solution please contact our team or

ChatFortress Eliminates Bank Transfer Wire Fraud and Eliminates Email Phishing Attacks!

Helping you verify the device and the person you’re sharing wire information with via our secure chat platform. When you need to validate the person you are sending information you need ChatFortress communication. To speak with a ChatFortress Agent call (307) 999-7755. If you want a demo you can Schedule a ChatFortress demo here.