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ChatFortress FAQ’s

Does ChatFortress use block chain technology?

No ChatFortress does not use Block Chain Technology. Our team made the decision to not use blockchain as this would make user data public on a ledger. There are specific use cases where block chain technologies would apply. But at this point in time we believe it is not applicable because security is our main priority.

We can provide clients with an activity ledger without having to use blockchain technology. Therefore achieving the same goal without the hassle of public ledgers.

Can developers use the ChatFortress SelfieLogin?

Yes. Developers can use the SelfieLogin. Developers need to create a developer account and can leverage our SelfieLogin API and SDK. Developers will choose a plan based on their needs and use case. There is a free tier and paid plans available.

Is there an API?

Yes there is an API. To use this API you need to email [email protected] to have the API unlocked on your account.

Can I use ChatFortress for one transaction?

Yes you can use ChatFortress for one transaction. You will create an account like normal. Within your transaction we have allowed for multiple secure blocks and conversations to occur within the transaction. This allows you to protect the entire transaction.

Is there a trial?

No there is not a trial. The only product that has a trial is the Email Guardian. The trial does not apply to the Secure Chat solution. As you can imagine a trial would not allow us to provide insurance on the secure blocks. And we would not be able to preform the ID validations for free. We use Government grade technologies and all of these Government agencies like to charge fees.

Is it free to sign up for ChatFortress?

Yes, it is free to signup for ChatFortress. Users can validate and verify their account. You can use ChatFortress for communication and only pay for the secure blocks you want to send or that you use within a chat stream.

Does ChatFortress integrate with my software solution?

It’s our goal to integrate with as many solutions as possible. This is why we provide our API and Zapier integrations. However due to specific requirements of API integration these can take time to execute.

Do I need to purchase hardware to use ChatFortress?

No. There are no hardware requirements to use ChatFortress. ChatFortress works within your existing systems and existing mobile devices.

Does ChatFortress work in Canada?

Yes, ChatFortress works in Canada.

Does ChatFortress work outside USA & Canada?

Yes, ChatFortress can work outside the USA. Our primary market for 2019-2020 is the USA and Canada. However if you have a use case for outside of the USA & Canada please contact [email protected] and we can discuss a solution.

Can any company use ChatFortress?

Yes any company can use ChatFortress. There are no restrictions or limitations on they types of companies that can use ChatFortress.

ChatFortress Eliminates Bank Transfer Wire Fraud and Eliminates Email Phishing Attacks!

Helping you verify the device and the person you’re sharing wire information with via our secure chat platform. When you need to validate the person you are sending information you need ChatFortress communication. To speak with a ChatFortress Agent call (307) 999-7755. If you want a demo you can Schedule a ChatFortress demo here.