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Cybercriminals are stealing your stimulus payments!

More than 4,300 domains related to stimulus and relief packages, many of them malicious, have been registered since January.

That’s right how do you know if the website you are submitting your stimulus payment request on is the right one?

COVID-19 has been a cybercriminal’s best friend. There are new opportunities to take advantage of people every day!

Cybercriminals are setting up FAKE websites that steal your data and NEVER submit your claim request. This allows for identify theft and much more! This is terrible news for the real people who need this help. What’s sad is it could be weeks before people realize they got scammed!

This means stealing your identity, login credentials, data and money. Or installing a keylogger on your device to track everything you do!

Nearly one-fifth of phishing emails identified on the Gmail platform include coronavirus or COVID-19 in their content, Google reports. These emails contain AgentTesla malware or Zeus Sphinx Trojan, just to name a few.

Right now, we are seeing a gold rush on stimulus fraud, which is only going to create increased financial scams over the next few months.

Are your employees aware of what a fake email looks like?

How, as a business, are you helping to protect your employees and your employee’s family? Cybersecurity awareness should not exist only in the workplace. The more you involve the employees family and the community around your business, the safer you will be.

Cybersecurity awareness requires people to be aware of their environment.

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The average user can’t determine what a real or fake email. They don’t know what the difference is between a real and fake website designed to steal their data. Therefore over the next 12 months, we are going to see a massive rise in cybercrimes.

COVID-19 has demonstrated how weak the common security standards are and how businesses need to think about protecting their community. Sometimes you need to protect people from their own stupidity.

Businesses that have rushed to work-from-home are going to be dealing with massive security incidents within the next 12 months. Many companies have rushed into decisions without thinking about data security ramifications. Which means we are only going to hear about more data breaches.

Got questions on how you can protect your employees against cyberattacks?

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