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Cybersecurity Awareness training doesn’t need to be boring or complicated!

ChatFortress delivers fun gamified cybersecurity lessons (4 minutes or less) directly to your employee’s cell phones to help you create a cybersecurity culture.

Lesson Sample: Don’t become a victim to wire transfer fraud!

Half of all Cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses. Your people are under attack. The question is are they prepared?

Empower your team to identify cybersecurity attacks using the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly Program

Receive One Micro lesson every 14 days to increase your awareness of current cybersecurity threats. Every lesson is followed by a micro quiz to maximize information retention.


Ransomware attacks occur every 14 seconds

In Partnership with Ninjio the ChatFortress content delivery platform ensures your Cybersecurity awareness program is fun and engaging. Without installing any software, and can be accessed from any device. Users can access from their cell-phone anywhere in the world.

Cybersecurity Awareness Plans Every Business Can Afford!

Core 4 Foundation

$25 / per user

4 Rapid lessons that core the basic principles of cybersecurity. Great for when you onboard new employees.

What is Spearphishing?

What is Ransomware?

What is Password security?

What is Business Email Compromise?

Optimized for Cyber insurance underwriters, vendor due diligence, and intial business risk audits

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Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly

Detailed. Non-intrusive.

$7.97 / per user per month

The Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard is for those who need detailed findings. Generated within 4 hours. View a sample report.

1 Micro Lesson every 14 Days

2 Lessons with Micro Quiz per month

1x Nano Lesson (2 minutes) for executives

Cybersecurity Culture Creation Invite 7 to any lesson

Employee Completion Analytics

104+ Minutes of Cybersecurity Awareness Training Per Year!

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What is Core 4 CyberSecurity Awareness Training?

The Core 4 is your Cybersecurity basics training. Helping you understand the common types of attacks used to steal your identity, data and money. Core 4 includes lessons on Spear phishing, Ransomware, Password Security, and Business Email Compromise. At the end of each lesson your employees will understand exactly how to identify a phishing email, what ransomware is, importance of password security and how hackers use email to compromise their accounts.

What is CyberSecurity Awareness Monthly?

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly lessons is bundled onto the Core 4 lessons to release new cybersecurity lessons every 14 days based on a real world cybersecurity threats. This helps your team to understand real world threat landscape and how these cyber crimes impact them personally.

CyberSecurity Awareness Monthly Lesson Trailers

Voicemail Spearsphishing

Inspired the Capital One data breach. This lesson addresses the issues related to spearphising campaigns leveraging voicemail attachments. There are new cyber attacks created daily and we leverage these real-world examples to educate your team.

USB Drop Attacks

Inspired by USB Drop attacks. This lesson addresses the issues related to USB drop attacks used by attackers using USB devices in public spaces for employees to pick up and plug-in.


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60% of Americans are exposed to fraud schemes

Create a Cybersecurity Culture!


ChatFortress Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly helps you create a cybersecurity culture within your company. Every employee can invite up to 7 friends and family members to access the cybersecurity lessons. This helps you create a community of people cybersecurity aware. For every active Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly user, that user can invite 7 others to view their lessons for FREE!.

ChatFortress helps companies to reduce their cybersecurity risks.


Micro Quiz

Increase retention and engagement of your cybersecuirty training with our micro quizzies with each lesson.


Access on Cell phones!

You don't need a complicated LMS. Users can access the lessons from their cell phones, tablets and mobile devices, along with desktops. All videos lessons contain closed captions making it easy for everyone to access!


Does ChatFortress provide training on HIPAA?

Yes, our team provide lesson plans on HIPAA compliance, ask the Team how you can add this lesson plan to your user access. HIPAA Compliance track consisting of 3 episodes. These episodes will be inspired by a real life HIPAA breach, and our teaching will focus on typical end users who handle medical records.

HIPAA Lesson 1:

Verify the email address of whomever you are sending an email to prior to clicking the ‘send’ button. Call anyone who is requesting electronic protected health information (EPHI) in order to verify their identity. Use hardware encryption for any portable devices which access, transmit, or store EPHI. Wipe the hard drives of any old devices – or physically destroy them – before they are disposed of to ensure criminals can’t access any of the information that’s still stored there.

HIPAA Lesson 2:

Under HIPAA, staff member must not access an electronic health record without the need to do their job. Doing so is a violation of Federal law and the patient’s civil rights. EPHI must be sent encrypted, as opposed to sending it via text message from personal devices without proper encryption. Only the minimum amount of information should be sent to satisfy a request, and the email account should be protected with a strong, complex password. HIPAA violations must be reported when they are discovered. Failure to do so is, in and of itself, a HIPAA violation.

HIPAA Lesson 3:

YExplains the Office of Civil Rights and its involvement with HIPAA. Stresses the importance of security awareness training for hospital staff. Reviews the important points introduced in Episodes 1 & 2.

Does ChatFortress provide training on PCI-DSS COMPLIANCE?

We have developed a unique 3-part series on PCI Compliance as it relates to the end-user. The series is done all through storytelling, and one of the largest credit card breaches in history was inspiration to the story. This series specifically focuses on the “end-user” i.e. those employees, primarily in the back office, who come across credit card information as part of their daily responsibilities. There is also has a 4th PCI Episode that specifically addresses “card-handling.”

Does ChatFortress provide training on GDPR?

We have unique 5-episode series on GDPR designed to give end-users a broad understanding of what GDPR is, and the rules that will apply to data-subjects (people) and data-controllers (usually companies). The series is done all through storytelling, emotionally engaging the end user.

Do I need a Learning Management System(LMS)?

No, ChatFortress provides you access to the ChatFortress LMS which is created on our proprietary platform integrated with selfie-login. There are no apps to install and your users can access your lessons from anywhere.

Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly Subscription

Is a month to month subscription that varies based on the user licenses you purchase. Licenses are billed on a rolling 30 days. There are no refunds or credits for unused licenses. Account admins have full access and control assign and revoke licenses of users within the ChatFortress platform. You also have access to the ChatFortress team who can assist you with your account management


Speak with a ChatFortress Specialist

Discover how ChatFortress can help your company reduce your risk and exposure without installing complicated systems that require your team to work harder. Schedule time with your ChatFortress Specialist now. Call 307-999-7755

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