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Instantly Improve Your Cybersecurity Report Card Grade with the ChatFortress Fortified program.

ChatFortress Fortified Program Plans

All plans are month to month.







Account Setup Fee $79 $250 $500
Monthly Report Cards Scan
Network Guardian (Automated Penetration Testing) Coming Soon ✓
Website Application Firewall
Website Malware Scanning
DDoS Attacks Prevention
Account Users 1 3 25
Dark Web Email Monitoring 25 Email Addresses 50 Email Addresses 150 Email Addresses
Dark Web Domain Monitoring 1 3 10
Cybersecurity Core 4 Training 3 License 7 Licenses 20 Licenses
Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly Training 3 License 7 Licenses 20 Licenses
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Cybersecurity Culture Certification
ChatFortress Cybersecurity Help Desk
Security Insider Webinar Series

Reduce your Cyber Risk Insurance Premiums?

Most business owners don’t know that insurance companies use similar technology to the Cybersecurity Report Card to determine your insurance premiums. That’s right, and you might be paying more than you need to because of your current grade! By using the ChatFortress Fortified program and fixing your vulnerabilities before the hackers exploit them, you could reduce your insurance premiums. Saving you thousands of dollars per year!

ChatFortress Fortified program allows you to show insurance carriers that you take cybersecurity seriously and have already fortified your business.

Fortify Your Business Against Attack!

website WAF DDOS software service

What is the ChatFortress Fortified program?

Improve your Cybersecurity Report Card grade with real-time protection!

The ChatFortress Fortified program provides you with enhanced security protection strategies to help you improve your Cybersecurity Report Card grade. Your Cybersecurity Report Card exposes current vulnerabilities that are opening doors for hackers to exploit.

With the ChatFortress Fortified program, we help you close the doors to common hacker exploits that can cripple your business.

The ChatFortress Fortified program helps you prevent:

  • Website Hacking
  • Identity Theft
  • Website Vandalism
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Malware Scanning
  • Website Threat Detection
  • Threat Blacklist Monitoring

Creating a Cybersecurity Aware Culture can be your best investment in detecting and preventing cyber-attacks!

Hackers are using social engineering to exploit humans, not your system. Therefore your best defense is educating your employees on how to detect and respond to the scams cybercriminals use! That’s why we provide you employees with a 4 minute or less cybersecurity awareness video every 14 days to help them discover these threats in a fun, engaging way!

Cybersecurity Awareness programs don’t need to be hour-long boring presentations. Learn everything you need to know about a scam in 4 minutes or less!

Instantly Improve Your Cybersecurity Report Card Grade with the ChatFortress Fortified program

How does being Fortified Prevent Identity Theft?

30% of data breaches occur because of compromise accounts. This means when a company you use experiences a data breach or “cyber incident,” your personal data is stolen and sold on the dark web by cybercriminals.

That’s rights hackers may already know your username and password to your personal, financial, and work accounts. They could have already logged into your account to steal your data.

But the ChatFortress Fortified program helps you by monitoring the deepest and darkest scary parts of the dark web. This is where your usernames, passwords, credit card information, and personal information is sold by hackers.

We scan the dark web like a weather radar scans the sky to alert you if your account data is found. This allows you to instantly change your password and activate Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on your accounts to protect yourself from hackers stealing your identity.

Right now, we scan over 11,116,675,678 compromised account records to find out how cybercriminals are stealing your data!

The ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card has helped alert companies to 2,644,843 stolen account credentials. Therefore we can help protect your online identity being stolen by alerting you to account compromise before the hackers steal your data!

Instantly Improve Your Cybersecurity Report Card Grade with the ChatFortress Fortified program

Fix Your Website Security Holes!

Your Cybersecurity Report Card identified website security issues that hackers can exploit. We realized that most business owners need additional help to ensure there website security is fortified. That’s why we integrated our patented logic-based smart web application protection safeguards your website and servers against web attacks, especially zero-day exploits, and advanced persistent threats in a fully automated and customizable setting.

The Fortified program keeps your website live and protects against hacking attempts. Instantly improving your Website Security grade. The Fortified program provides you with a Web Application Firewall with Semantic Analysis giving you the most advanced protection. Cybercriminals are smarter every day just look at the following statistics:


of Successful cyberattacks in 2018 were zero-day exploits


of Companies attacked were hit again within 19 months


of Companies say there’s no guidance for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

The ChatFortress Fortified Web Application Firewall Cleans Your Website Traffic to Filter Out Hackers!

Providing You Proactive Protection

OWASP Firewall Website Protection

The ChatFortress Fortified web application firewall provides protection against the the Open Web Application Security Project Top 10 threat list! This protects you against threats before they become issues that interrupt your business.

Cybersecurity Report Card every 30 days?


of data breaches due to misconfigurations

You're One Misconfiguration Away from a Cloud-Based Data Breach. There are new threats and vulnerabilities exposed every day. As part of the Fortified program you will receive an updated Cybersecurity Report Card every 30 day identifying any new risks automatically.

The Cybersecurity Report Card scans the 8 cybersecurity modules to alert you to new issues. As part of the Fortified program we won’t only alert you to these problems but fix them for you. Helping you to focus on what’s important to growing you business.

Your monthly Cybersecurity Report Card can be part of your compliance program and your commitment to creating a cybersecurity culture.

Instantly Improve Your Cybersecurity Report Card Grade with the ChatFortress Fortified program

The Technology and Human Behavior Epidemic that's Worse than Cancer!

Introducing the New Technology that Identifies Your Vulnerabilities Before the Hackers Do...

Cybercriminals steal your data, expose your trade secrets, cash in on your weaknesses, while using hostage style negotiation tactics that make the mafia green with envy. What's even worse, is these hackers gain access to your data without you knowing.

cybersecurity data breach wawa prevention

They launch their attack exploiting each of your weaknesses leaving you feeling violated. This feeling is one of the worst anxieties you can experience. You feel exposed and vulnerable. But it gets worse, you spend the next 24 months overcoming obstacles you didn't cause but need to overcome. What cyber-criminals do to people and their businesses can be compared to cancer. They just eat away your identity and business until there is nothing left to salvage.

  • 72% of cyber attacks target small to medium size companies with less that 100 employees.
  • Every business is a for cyber criminals even though 50% of small business owners think they are too small to be hacked.
  • This means small businesses pay on average $188,242 out of pocket to recover from a cyber attack when it happens.

This message is for the business owner, C-level executive, board member, or IT professional, who's looking for a symbol of hope to fight this digital war. A symbol that instantly communicates trust and commitment across your network.

A community of like-minded professional people (like you) are currently building a new standard for cybersecurity conversations. People that deserve recognition for the extra effort they apply to keep transactions safe and secure. People that understand that it's only when we know where we have been, can we create a plan to get to where we want to go.

If you want to be one of these people, then read on and know you're now in the right place.

Companies are being thrust into life and death business battles daily. These are battles they never wanted nor desired, but a battle regardless. Even if it might seem that the odds are stacked against them, business owners battle for survival. For instance, here is a story about the Heritage Company of Arkansas…

It was the 3rd of October, 2019 and the Heritage Company of Arkansas was a telemarketing business with 350 employees and even though it had been in business for over 60 years, this business was almost handed its own death warrant. The Heritage Company spent years building a strong community and impacting lives with social good. But it wasn't going to be enough and you will see how they were handed their own death warrant!

small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

It was a typical October day for The Heritage Company. The business was doing well and the employees were engaged in their normal routine…everything seemed fine. You would have never known a storm had been building up for months and was about to hit hard. The sales floor with 300 telemarketers was alive with passion and excitement as they talked about the company rewards of week-long cruises and large screen TVs when they hit their sales quotas.

Many employees were even visualizing celebrating Thanksgiving with their families with the new large screen TV's. They wanted bragging rights…you know how it is… it’s hard for family members to ignore your success when you have a new 75-inch TV on the wall!

But today was not going to be another normal day for The Heritage Company. In fact, just before lunch, it all started happening and it was a moment that changed the future direction of a successful business forever.

Cybercriminals had compromised the company’s servers and installed their malicious ransomware. Once activated, the once normal buzz of an office of 350 people turned into panic.

All the computer screens started popping up with ransomware demand messages like a fallen stack of dominos. None of the 350 employees had access to their computers.

This sent the call-center into a panic that goes beyond explanation. Imagine getting locked out of your own devices and there is nothing you can do but stare at the computer screen with a displayed ransom demand letter showing that all your data will get deleted if you don't pay. To make matters worse, the ransom demand letter also included a digital count-down clock!

So how did it end? Well…that same day, the employees were sent out of the building for an early lunch, the IT team failed in their attempt to battle the cyber-attack, the company ended up paying the ransom and within 3 months, all 350 employees lost their jobs. There went the hope for a nice holiday.

What can you learn from this story?

Company compliance does not mean your business is going to be safe and secure. You can have all the desired compliance in place, yet still experience a data breach. However, the questions you need to be asking are…

  • If you do experience a data breach, what happens next?
  • How long does it take you to detect and respond?
  • Do you have a validated recovery plan?

The average business owner is not asking the right questions of their IT team. What's worse, is they are often intimidated by IT professionals because they speak a technology language that most business owners don't understand and then to avoid looking unaware, they will remain ignorant to their cybersecurity risks.

Cyber-attacks are like cancer destroying your businesses from the inside out…

60% of all businesses close their doors within six months of a data breach. Regardless of revenue, number of employees or the years they have been in business…every business is in danger of a cyber-attack.

The Heritage Company had 60 years of good business, a great reputation, invested millions in systems and people, yet the lives of 350 families changed overnight because of a single ransomware attack.

Falling victim to a ransomware attack is the idiot tax of our generation...

Because the fallout from a ransomware attack is preventable. That's right... you don't have to pay the ransom demand. You don't have to struggle with battling the fallout of a data breach. If you have the right systems in place. Systems that I want to share with you inside the Fortified program.

This is just one of many stories in 2019. If the Heritage Company proactively assessed its cybersecurity risk, the outcome would have been vastly different. You now have the opportunity that the Heritage Company never had with the introduction of the ChatFortress Fortified Program.

Ransomware attacks have increased 57 times what they were in 2015 and there is a new ransomware attack every 14 seconds with an average ransom demand of $41,198!

Ask yourself, could your business afford (or even want) to pay out $41,198 to regain access to your computer systems?

How much would it cost you per day to not have access to your computers?

The sad reality is that the Heritage example data breach cost more than $41,198. You also have to factor in the cost of data recovery, updating your computer systems and this can spiral into the $100,000's. But the costliest impact is the damage to your brand, trust and reputation.

Imagine having your company name associated with the words "data breach" or "ransomware"…it’s like saying you've got some kind of rare flesh-eating disease or cancer. People feel sorry for you and then take a step back to distance themselves from you. They fear that being associated with you will infect them.

Think about it…what did you think at the time when you heard these names being breached…

  • Target.com - data breached because of their HVAC contractor!
  • Hillary Clinton - like her or not, you will remember with the email scandal.
  • New Orleans Government - declared a state of emergency as a means to recover from their ransomware attack. Talk about not prepared…if you need to call the National Guard for help, you have problems!
small businesses are at risk of cybercrime
small businesses are at risk of cybercrime
small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

It only takes cybercriminals about 3 days to launch a brand-new ransomware attack and just so you know, one of the largest cybercriminal networks was netting over 2.5 Million dollars per week!!!

That's right, ransomware is a serious business. The criminal networks are so organized, that they even have call centers with live chat support and step by step instructions on how to send them your ransom money. They offer better service than a high-end Rolls Royce dealership.

But understand, this is only one of the cyber threats business owners need to be aware of and protect themselves against. There are many others and it’s never-ending. It's clear that the average business owner is under-equipped to fight this war alone.

But it doesn't have to be like this. You don't have to be alone in your Cybersecurity business battle. The ChatFortress Fortified Program helps eliminate these current and future cyber threats and attacks.

The Fortified Program includes a group of smart business owners that are committed to fortifying their business, protecting their assets and their people from cyberattacks. They are ready, willing and able to survive the cyber warfare launched at their business.

These companies take pride in being able to show their customers they are Cybersecurity Fortified. They proactively use this seal of approval to stand out from the competition and use this as a seal of trust to close deals in and outside their business. You need to understand that your customers want to know that you are protecting their personal data along with just protecting your own.

There are two types of companies in this digital war…The Hacked & the Fortified…

  1. The Hacked company is headline around the town, state, nation, etc. that are forever etched in people's minds as the weak and lacking businesses. These companies then deal with the constant struggle and resistance to their brand. Being "hacked" leaves customers wondering if your company can be trusted.
  2. The Fortified company is pro-actively creating and fostering their Cybersecurity culture. They realize that surviving this digital war is not just a software problem, but a human problem. Creating a secure and safe company requires access to the best resources.

So, you have a choice to make…you can do nothing and run the risk of becoming a hacked headline company, having your brand etched into people's minds in a negative way…

Join the Fortified Program and prove to the world that you are proactively adapting to a more positive proven path of believing that protecting your data and the data of your customers is important.

When you experience a cyber-attack, it’s not your fault. You have just fallen victim to opportunistic cybercriminals who are exploiting a weakness for financial gain. But it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is when the loss of trust, financial resources and assets are gone and your also left dealing with the fallout for years to come.

The personal responsibility lies with the lack of proactively creating a cybersecurity culture within your business, not implementing detection and response strategies.

By failing to protect your business, employees and customers from cyber-attacks is just pure negligence. You need to make a decision if you want to be known as a business that can/will be hacked or a business that is fortified.

Let me explain how the
ChatFortress Fortified Program
is different…

small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

First, as you have already seen, we are creating a new standard for cybersecurity conversations. We do this by creating a FREE Yearly Cybersecurity Report Card and making it public for every business. We then update these report cards FREE every 365 days. If you have not seen the Cybersecurity Report Cards yet, click here to learn more. But for business owners that want to be fortified, waiting 365 days for another report card was not good enough. Fortified business owners wanted access to their Cybersecurity Report Cards every 30 days.

Here is How this ChatFortress Fortified Program Massively Helps You Moving Forward…

The ChatFortress Fortified Program is all about making your business stand out from your competition. Showing the world, you’re not just an awesome business but a “white knight” for data privacy and protection.

Monthly Cybersecurity Report Cards ... Detect Vulnerabilities Faster!

This is accomplished by providing you more than a onetime free yearly report card. Fortified members receive a brand-new Cybersecurity Report Card every 30 days! This ensures you are alerted to vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, giving you a chance to stop these cyberattacks.

These monthly report cards not only detect any new cyber threats, they also allow you to have an ongoing, quick, easy and clear understanding of your cybersecurity risk. This is the ultimate cybersecurity risk snapshot for your vendor due-diligence.

Access our Hacked Dark Web Monitoring Tool... Detect Account Compromise Faster Value $199

Along with your monthly cyber-security report card, we also include our premium “Dark Web” monitoring scanning services. This gives you alerts to any potential data breaches that have exposed your personal information. This protects you from identity and financial theft along with impersonation fraud.

How ChatFortress Hack Monitoring Helps You:


Data breaches are inevitable, but proactive monitoring of stolen data allows you to respond to threats.


ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring scans over 11 billion data repositories, chat rooms, private websites, peer-to-peer networks, botnets and black market websites.


80,000+ emails are compromised daily. Our ability to scan these data breaches allows you to take proactive steps to protecting your data security.

When a data breach occurs, cybercriminals sell your information on the dark web. This is how hackers cash in on other businesses' weak cybersecurity systems. We check the dark web by scanning over 11 billion data points to find matches to your email account. We then alert you to any possible exposure.

81% of hacking related breaches leverage stolen or weak passwords!

That's why we provide you with access to our dark web monitoring tool that scans the dark web for any reference for your Name, Email, Company Name and Personal data to give you a head start against identity theft. How can you use the Hacked Dark-Web Monitoring tool?

  • Monitor your C-level executives who are 80% more likely to experience a data attack. This allows you to be alerted when any of your executives or board members are compromised on the dark web.
  • Monitor your personal email accounts of family members. This allows you to protect your family from identity theft or financial frauds due to account compromise.
  • Monitor your vendors or third party contractors. That's right, you can monitor your third- party vendors and protect yourself against possible Business Email Compromise Scams or Business Invoice Frauds.

The ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring Gold Plan gives you access to 150 personal email scans, 5 domain names and 200 vendors scans per month! That's a $199/month value! This is included as part of your Fortified subscription.

Unlock Fortified Badges for Increased Reputation and Authority!

small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

Since you will be part of the ChatFortress fortified program, we also provide a ChatFortress Fortified seal that is applied to your business listing and website. This announces to the world that you are serious about creating a safe cybersecurity culture and you're a fortified cyber-security company. This adds a tremendous amount of trust! Leverage these certifications in your marketing to attract more clients!

What's it worth to your business to attract more quality clients? It's priceless the opportunities this certification can create for you.

Gain access to our Core-4 Cybersecurity Awareness Training Value $25

small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

The first step in creating a cyber-security culture is educating your employees to the threats they face on a daily basis. Core 4 is your Cybersecurity basics training. Helping you understand the common types of attacks used to steal your identity, data, and money. Core 4 includes lessons on Spear Phishing, Ransomware, Password Security and Business Email Compromise.

Understand exactly how to identify a phishing email, ransomware, the importance of password security and how hackers use email to compromise their accounts.

Added Bonus: Unlock One User License to Our Monthly Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program!

We know that one of the best ways to protect your business against attack is to create a cybersecurity culture. This is where you and your employees are aware of the different types of attacks that cybers criminals use. That’s why we created the Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly Program.

As part of your Fortified subscription you will gain One (1) user license to our Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly program. Additional user licenses can be purchased at a discounted rate. This is where every 14 days (two weeks) you will receive a new 4 minute or less training video on a type of cybersecurity threat. This helps you to understand the types of attacks criminals use and how to protect yourself.

Unlock the Cybersecurity Culture badge on your listing... Showcase your cybersecurity culture!

small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

Your upgraded Fortified status unlocks the Cybersecurity Culture grading on your report cards. By answering a few questions, your Cybersecurity Culture will be assessed. This displays your company is proactive in protecting your data assets.

Access insider discounts worth $ 1,000's per month!

Our team searched the world for the best cyber-security resources, helping you fortify your business against attacks. We have resources for you within the protection, detection, response and recovery categories, so you can create digital security that rivals Fort Knocks.

Fortified Insider Webinar Series

small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

As a ChatFortress Fortified member, gain access to our insider webinar series. Join the team on live webinars or access the recording vault. Our team talks to cybersecurity insiders giving you the latest in real-world strategies.

Fortified Insider Cybersecurity Help Desk

With cybersecurity, there are always questions about how or what to do. Our team is available to answer your cybersecurity questions via our VIP help desk along with any recommendations you need. This ensures you are never alone and can always ask someone the questions that are preventing your success.

It’s all included with your ChatFortress Fortified monthly subscription!


Get Started with the ChatFortress Fortified Program Today!

Here is why you don't want to upgrade to the ChatFortress Fortified program…

You might NOT want to know your cybersecurity report card grades. You may want to ignore the discovered vulnerabilities, but understand…if we can find vulnerabilities, so can the hackers.

We are giving you a massive fighting chance to win the battle against cyber-attacks.

Keep in mind, the data shows companies with less than 1,000 employees are 80.1% more likely to experience a data breach than larger companies. This means the odds are already against you. Being proactive with cybersecurity issues is critical to your business survival!

You might be thinking that hiding your risk allows you to ignore it. The most successful business people like Warren Buffet create wealth by understanding risk. Knowing how to respond to risk creates opportunity. Your ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card gives you the opportunity to enormously reduce your risk.

The Fortified program is designed to empower you to have cybersecurity conversations with real data that anyone can understand. Providing you a clear strategy without needing a technology degree.

Other Cyber-Security Options You Need to Consider

New Privacy laws open new fines for your business plus new civil liability like never before!

You may not have noticed, but there is a massive privacy law title wave hitting businesses globally. Many businesses are unknowingly exposing themselves to enormous fines. For example, the European Union passed GDPR. Then California enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) (AB 375) on January 1, 2020. But before you think your state is safe from these new governmental regulations, think again… Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington have already introduced new regulations. It just a matter of time, these regulations are coming to your state.

What does this mean for your business?

Well, if the new regulations are anything like the CCPA. You can face penalties up to $2,500 per negligent violation. If the CCPA can show it was avoidable, it could multiply your damages three times the original fine!!! In this case that would add up to $7,500 per violation!!! Plus, individuals (vendors, employees, etc.) can seek damages without showing cause.

Think about how fast this can all spiral out of control just because you did not have the security basics in place. You end up dealing with the initial cyber-attack, downtime, recovery time, governmental fines, legal fees, loss of goodwill, brand value, etc. WOW! All because you didn’t have basic cyber-security in place!

I will Just Purchase Cyber-Security Insurance...

Did you know cyber-security insurance is a difficult product for many insurance companies to underwrite? This is why cyber-insurance companies could be using your cybersecurity report card grades even if you aren't. Grades determine your insurance premiums.

The number one reason why insurance companies are denying claims?

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to reduce their liability, increase your premiums or deny a claim. That's why insurance companies use data like our cybersecurity report card. To quantify their exposure and possibly deny your insurance claim.

In fact, most business owners don't realize that hidden in their insurance fine print is a clause you may already be breaching. This of course, allows insurance companies to deny your claim. Therefore, understanding how you can remain compliant is critical if you have to file a claim. Staying compliant is part of the opportunity within the ChatFortress Fortified program.

You might also be thinking that your IT person has this all under control. Well, your ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report will tell you if this is TRUE or NOT. In most cases, we find huge vulnerabilities within your system. So why take the chance?

Cybersecurity is a specific skill set. Most IT people don’t have the skills you think they have when it comes to cyber-security. In fact, most already feel like they are overwhelmed with just the daily technical tasks, let alone keep up with the ongoing security threats. Just so you know... when most IT personnel get overwhelmed, their default response is to ignore it and come back to it when it's on fire! How is that for a reality check?

What I can tell you is right now there is smoke. Your ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card will quickly highlight any of the vulnerabilities that hackers will use to exploit companies like yours. If you want to continue to ignore these vulnerabilities, you have made the choice to be known as the target company to be HACKED.

DON’T let this be you…Let us rescue you and your company from cyber-attacks by joining the ChatFortress Fortified community. I can promise you this…ALL of our fortified members do not accept the white flag of surrender in this digital war. We all work together so we can keep our digital and personal lives moving forward…

Get Started with the ChatFortress Fortified Program Today!


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