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How the Email Guardian Proof Of Concept Works?

The purpose of the Email Guardian Proof of Concept (POC) is to show you the value of our email guardian system upfront. We do this via a free trial for up-to 500 active email accounts within your company.

We will apply the Email Guardian for 30 days with our Email Guardian Virtual Security Analyst monitoring your email accounts.

What is the Email Guardian Virtual Security Analyst?

Our Virtual Security Analyst will monitor your email phishing attacks and analyze your reports to optimize your email inbox 7 days a week. This saves you the cost of an Email Security Analyst or burdening your existing SOC team with email attack monitoring and verification.

You might have some questions about how the Email Guardian POC process. The goal of this post is to explain the 3 step process to technically setting up your POC. Your ChatFortress Analyst will answer all of your questions and be available to train your team.

Email Guardian Proof of Concept (POC) Steps:

  1. Accept ChatFortress Email Guardian POC
  2. Activate your Email Guardian Account
  3. Your ChatFortress Analyst will Configure your Email Guardian account
  4. System will be activated within 72 business hours

At the end of the 30 Day POC trial your nominated payment method will be charged to continue the use of the Email Guardian system. There will be no payments charged until 30 days after the POC has been activated. You will only be charged if you choose to continue. If you want to cancel you need to provide cancellation notice 24 hours before end of 30 day trial. If you do not cancel the POC in writing by emailing team@chatfortress.com the subscription billing will be automatically charged on day 30 of the POC.

How to Install Email Guardian

  1. Connect the API ChatFortress Email Guardian API
    • This is where we actually do the integration with Office 365 – takes two clicks, and requires the O365 global domain admin to do this.
    • They simply click the O365 integration button in our dashboard, we redirect them to O365 where they enter their O365 global domain admin credentials – NOTE – you do NOT have to give us credentials or even input credentials into our system, you just have to authenticate the integration with Microsoft.
  2. Decide which mailboxes are part of the POC
    • All mailboxes or a subset, but remember the more the merrier, and the more emails we see, the better the chance of a successful POC.
    • Easiest is to click the O365 Auto Sync button – One click to retrieve the FULL list of mailboxes in O365.
    • Can also upload a subset of mailboxes via a CSV file.
    • Either way, once we have the list of mailboxes, we then subscribe to those mailboxes via the API and start inspecting and remediating emails.
  3. Push out the reporting button – nothing to install on the end station, it’s pushed out to everyone from Office 365
    • Requires the O365 Global Domain Admin to upload a small XML file to the O365 Admin Portal
    • Can be pushed out to single users, groups or everyone all at once – very simple task

All of these tasks together would literally take a few minutes to accomplish – of course the synchronizing that goes on in the background takes a little longer, but at that point the tasks are done and we’re waiting for Microsoft to start notifying us of emails.

The ChatFortress Team are here to assist you with this setup every step of the way. We provide you with complete instructions on each step of the process. You can also allow our team to do this for you. This setup progress will take no more than 30 minutes. You need to have admin rights to the email system to activate this POC.

Submit Your ChatFortress Email Guardian POC Request

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How soon before we can get started?

You will receive your Email Guardian Agreement within 24 hours and you should be able to have your Email Guardian POC activated within the next 72 hours. The only requirement is we can remote login to your machine to configure the plugins. As long as the person we are working with has ADMIN account access we can get your account activated quickly.


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