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Hackers are now using VOICE calls to swipe your funds!

That’s right. Voice!

They are even using your own voice, or the voice of your CEO or Manager. Thanks the latest round of “Deep Fakes” technology that leverages voice AI.

There are even some companies out there that allow you to create AI voice impersonators with less than 2 minutes of audio. This is truly where social media can be used against you.

Check this video out how a journalist even tricks his own mother using this new voice ai!

Imagine this…

You get a call from what you think is your boss. But it’s really a hacker using the voice deep fake and you are given instructions to setup a new wire transfer.

Scary right?

You might think you wouldn’t fall for this type of attack. But it would be hard to not become victim. This scam has already had successful results on multiple multi-million dollar companies, and big name CEO’s.

Here is what happened..

A generated voice of the CEO called financial officers at three companies, according to the security company Symantec. The fake voice persuaded all of them to transfer funds into a thief’s account.

If you want to read more about this scam and technology you can read more here:

Behind the news: Deepfaked audio made headlines in May when a Canadian startup called Dessa generated a voice that sounded like the popular podcaster Joe Rogan extolling the virtues of chimpanzees as hockey players.

Why it matters: Audio forgeries are useful for more than stealing money outright. Black-hat investors could release faked earnings calls that cause a company’s stock to plummet, then scoop up bargain-priced shares. Faked interview clips could wreak havoc in any field. This means all that video you are posting on social media could be used against you in the future!

AI is being applied to business in many new ways. It also means that AI will also be used by hackers to optimize their crimes. If it’s a tool for you it’s also a tool for them!

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