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Hackers have weaponized COVID-19 Coronavirus!

Hackers have weaponized COVID-19 That’s right hackers are using the CoronaVirus to steal your data, your identity, and your money!

Business owners have seen a rise in the number of email phishing attacks referencing or using COVID-19 related content and subject lines.

But that’s not the scary part.

50% of the domains registered relating to coronavirus are malicious and stealing your data. Have you seen those live incident response websites like this one?

5 different types of cybercriminals

Some of these are malicious, and you’re exposing your usernames, passwords, credit cards, and saved data to hackers when you click to access the live maps!

Cybercriminals have social-engineered your panic into opportunity!

This is just the start, and over the next few months, things are going to get worse for business owners.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has created NEW PROBLEMS for Small Business Owners.

With the increase in workplaces sending their employee’s home, or asking them to work from home creates a new cybersecurity challenge. For example, at the office, the workplace is controlled and safe or should be. However, when you are at home, the network and devices on that network become the Wild West!

For example, when was the last time the wifi router had a firmware upgrade? Do the machines have updated anti-virus software?

Employees are now working remotely but at a cost to data security. If the workplace has not provided you with your devices, small business owners now have to deal with BYOD data security issues.

Let alone the insurance liability issues created due to remote workers using their own devices. What happens now if you experience a ransomware attack because your employees are using their insecure computer at home?

As panic spreads around the world, we are going to see more data breaches and ransomware events due to lack of preparation.

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