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Hackers are using Corona Virus Emails to Infect Your Computers!

If you don’t know if you heard about the T-Mobile data breach, they announced on March 5, 2020. An email vendor was hacked, resulting in the exposure of personal and financial information of their customers due to access to the employee email accounts. Reference

When was the last time you had your legal counsel check your email policy?

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but stick with me for just 30 seconds.

That’s right. You might be thinking if you are a small business owner that you don’t even have an email policy, let alone the rules that what data should and should not be included in emails. You may also use email as the primary communication channel of everything within your business.

You speak to legal, accounts, customers, leads, contractors, vendors and employees using email.

But let me explain the issue here.

When a data breach happens to the database, you know with certainty what information is compromised because of the database structure. You know, because of what data is stored there. However, email is a different beast.

Just think about what is in your email account right now?

Think of all the different types of information. There could be transaction contracts, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data, transaction data, customer account data including account numbers, account history, contact information, along with SSN’s, identity documentation, account access confirmation. There is also your own transaction data like receipts, mail lists you subscribe.There is also internal company communication.

But what’s the issue here?

Well, imagine the problem that’s created when you experience a data breach where your email accounts are compromised. This means people other than you authorized have access to every email that exists in that account. You cannot be certain what information has been exposed to the cybercriminals until you review every single email in every account.

Think about that, how would you like to review your every email you have for the last 12 months? Sounds like a nightmare right?

Well. Don’t worry, hackers will use tools to search for keywords or key data points to allow them to extract information in bulk. The problem for you is you don’t know how they want to exploit your data. There are many scams they could put into play now since they have all of this information.

But, back to the original question. Getting your counsel to review your email policy can help you prevent liability issues in the future. It will help you think twice about how your company uses email because email by it’s very design is insecure.

Think of email as writing your credit card number and social security number on a postcard and mailing it around the world to all of your friends. You would never do this, but for some reason, we think that it’s safe to enter this information into an email.

If you want to protect your business from compromise you need to understand that email is not secure. Email is the front door with 9 out of 10 cyberattacks occurring due to email attacks.

As a business owner, you need to implement systems like Email Guardian to detect and remove email threats. But you also need to review how your company is using email and upgrade your policies around what should and should not be shared in an email.

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