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Advanced Threat Protection Beyond the Anti-virus

Discover the security gaps no one will tell you aboue in EPP, EDR and Network Analytics. Gain insight into advanced endpoint and network approaches and how they can be combined to optimize protection from breaches.

  • The three ways malicious activity discloses itself: process behavior, user activity and network traffic
  • Pros and cons of EPP/EDR and NTA/NDR
  • Relative security strengths of prevention, visibility, and automation
  • How to combine endpoint and network protection to gain robust protection

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Protecting companies around the world against real-time cyber attacks.

Dr. Drew Bjerken

CISO, CPO Catalina

“ThreatFortress' CyOps security team is a major plus. They’re online 24/7 assisting with threat hunting, alerting, and helping with incident response - without any additional cost.”

Eyal Asila

Former CISO, ICL Group

“One of the biggest values of ThreatFortress is their CyOps team of security experts they are available around the clock, whenever we need them. They enhance and complement our existing security capabilities and as a CISO, this gives me peace of mind.”

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