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Is the thought of Ransomware or a Data Breach keeping you up at night?

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When I was in Spain I came across a group of cybercriminals that net over $2 Million dollars a week from ransomware attacks. That’s right! NET $2 Million dollars!

Ransomware is not stopping anytime soon. It also results in Company's looking stupid when an incident happens.

Incidents big or small could result in you being liable for failing to provide your clients with the right protection. Cyber threats evolve and how you defend against needs to evolve rapidly.

Detect and Respond to cyber threats faster with our Autonomous End-point Breach Protection.

Protecting your devices (Laptops, Computers, Servers) against cyber attacks is critical to any successful cybersecurity platform. This is why we use the Cynet360 platform as the foundation for our endpoint protection then wrap this product within the ThreatFortress support and management system. However, we provide more than just endpoint protection as with Cynet360. We provide a full XDR solution that includes:

All of the features are fully included in your 100% Managed XDR solution.

Exclusive Benefit When You Work with ChatFortress:

ChatFortress can provide you with proactive defenses against ransomware and malware based attacks. Our team has independently audited and optimized defenses against over 643 different Ransomware and Malware attacks. Helping ensure your company doesn't become tomorrow's news headline victim.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible ransomware and malware cyberattack protection on the market today. We focus on protecting you against real-world threats.

None of ChatFortress's clients have been a victim of ransomware in over 6 years!

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Understand the the foundational protection provided by the Cynet360 Autonomous Breach Protection platform.

Confidently protect yourself from ransomware, malware and cyberattacks.

chatfortres cynet testimonial

How does Cynet360 Compare?

You can discover how Cynet360 compares to other companies or product on the market below:

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IT Hygiene

Vulnerability Assessment

Next Gen-Anti-Virus


Threat Hunting


Network Traffic Analysis



Saas, On-Prem, Hybrid

Saas OnlyPn-Prem Only

Does Cynet360 support NIST requirements?

Yes, the Cynet360 platform helps you meet the compliance requirements of the NIST framework. This helps you confidently meet clients’ compliance requirements. To learn more about how we make NIST compliance easier review the NIST documentation.

Does Cynet360 support HIPAA Compliance?

Yes, the Cynet360 platform helps you meet the compliance requirements of HIPAA. HIPAA provides requirements and guidelines for maintaining the security and privacy of individually identifiable health information, and the Cynet 360 platform collects activity data and provides protection against threats to the implementing organization.To learn more about how we make NIST compliance easier review the HIPAA documentation.

Supporting Work-From-Home or Personal Hardware

Business Cybersecurity System

2020 created new challenges for companies as they adapted to remote working conditions.

This creates new challenges for companies as they either provide employees with hardware or require employees to use their own hardware. However, there is also another challenge for companies that are using independent contractors or virtual assistants that use their own hardware rather than company-provided hardware.

Companies invested in protecting their office; however, with remote working, companies now have multiple new office locations they need to protect against cyber threats. These threats only compound when at home locations have multiple other devices (computers, tablets) connected to the same wireless network the employee is using.

To solve this new challenge, we provide you with BYOD plans that allow you to install the Cynet360 agents on any personal hardware and receive full protection.

Yes, the BYOD protection is the same agent, with the same full protection that company-provided hardware receives.

This allows you to expand your Endpoint coverage by protecting any device connected to your remote WiFi network. Some of our clients are extending this to work with 3rd Party Vendors, Outsourced Companies, and Volunteers to protect extended threat protection.

Pricing is simple:

  • The price per Endpoint is USD$25.00/per month per endpoint.
  • BYOD / Personal Hardware is USD$5/per month per endpoint.

This is a FLAT RATE that includes everything from our Managed XDR solution from Next Gen Antivirus, Endpoint, Automated Remediation and 24/7 Managed SOC with Incident response. You will be provided with personalized install files that you can use to activate new agents. We have a process to help you validate your installation was successful.

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Protecting companies around the world against real-time cyber attacks.

ThreatFortress Cynet360 Feature Summary

24/7 Availability

Ongoing operations at all times, both proactively and on-demand per the customer’s specific needs.

Alert Monitoring

Continuous management of incoming alerts: classify, prioritize and contact the customer upon validation of active threat.

Exclusions, Whitelisting and Tunnelling

Adjusting Cynet 360 alerting mechanisms to the customers’ IT environment to reduce false positives and increase accuracy.

Threat Hunting

Proactive search for hidden threats leveraging Cynet 360 investigation tools and over 30 threat intelligence feeds.

On Demand Analysis

Customers can send suspicious files to analysis directly from the Cynet 360 console and get an immediate verdict.

Attack Investigation

Deep-dive into validated attack bits and bytes to gain the full understanding of scope and impact, providing the customer with updated IoCs.

Remediation Instructions

Conclusion of investigated attacks entails concrete guidance to the customers on which endpoints, files, user and network traffic should be remediated.

We Are One Click Away

CISOs can engage CyOps with a single click on the Cynet Dashboard App upon suspicion of an active breach.

chatfortres cynet testimonial
chatfortres cynet testimonial
chatfortres cynet testimonial

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Can Cynet be installed on mobile devices or tablets?

No, the Cynet360 agent can not be installed on Apple iOS or Andriod devices or tablets at this point in time. The Cynet360 Agent can only be installed on Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS.

Can Cynet be installed on virtual or cloud OS?

Yes, Cynet can be installed on any virtual or cloud OS as long as it is running a version of Windows, Apple Mac OS, or Linux.

Why should I work with you instead of Cynet?

ChatFortress is the official MSSP for North America and Australiasia and we specialize in supporting MSP partners with less than 1,000 endpoints. You can work with Cynet directly if you prefer but you will be required to purchase 10,000 licenses on an annual basis paying for these in advance. You will also not receive any of the additional marketing or sales support required to be successful. This is the Do It Yourself solution that will require you to set up a 24/7 operation to off-set your existing workload. ChatFortress can provide you with monthly billing along with the option of purchasing only the licenses you need. We also provide you with pre-built marketing programs.

Does Cynet replace my Firewall or Perimeter protections?

No, Cynet does not replace your firewall or perimeter protection. Cynet only works on the devices in which your agent is installed. At this point in time, this does not support firewalls or IoTs devices.

Can Cynet ingest data from our firewall or SEIM?

No, Cynet can not ingest data from your firewall or SEIM at this point in time. Cynet has built-in remediations and automated remediation for which the Agent needs to be installed on the devices. Therefore ingesting data would not allow for these automated remediation functions. We are working on new features in the future that may allow for this. But we find that most clients that implement Cynet choose to replace or augment their existing SEIM or alert monitoring system.

What does 100% managed mean?

That means once you complete the installation which takes less than 2 minutes in most cases our team will handle the rest. We will provide you with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reporting options based on your needs. We will alert you to any critical issues as they arise, and provide you with a summary of our remediation steps already taken along with the next steps you need to take. 100% Managed means our team is monitoring and responding to alerts in real-time so you don’t have to worry about it.

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ChatFortress has created the Business Cybersecurity System to help protect companies big and small. The Business Cybersecurity System provides you with full protection based on your needs and business goals.

Our team provides you with cybersecurity solutions that give you a competitive advantage without breaking your budget.

Choose the solutions you would like to learn more about:

To get started with ChatFortress, use the link below to schedule an appointment with our team.


Detect and Respond to cyber threats faster with our Autonomous End-point Breach Protection. Let our team monitor and detect cybersecurity threats against your network, users, files and hosts 24/7 via our ThreatFortress Cynet360 XDR and Response Automation platform.

Email Guardian

Detect and Remove BAD Emails from your inbox in 3 Seconds or less! ChatFortress is the world’s first automated phishing, prevention, detection and response platform combining humans and machine intelligence with machine learning to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

Ransomware Breach and Attack Simulation

Are you confident that the systems you have in place are configured correctly to detect and respond against a ransomware attack? Let our automated breach and attack simulation platform audit your security environments to confirm your company is resilient to real-world attacks used by cybercriminals.

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