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Are you worried that your company is vulnerable to cybercriminals?

The Business Cybersecurity System protects you against real-world threats while building your cybersecurity culture.

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Protecting companies around the world against real-time cyber attacks.

Do you ever feel like you've been fighting the cybersecurity war blind?

Your company is constantly under attack. Here are just some of the scams used by cybercriminals to exploit your intellectual property or damage your reputation.

85% of businesses are now realizing a shortfall of actual skilled IT Cybersecurity personnel…

Exposing businesses to more cyberattacks!

We can provide you with confidence in your cybersecurity response plans. By providing you with real-time threat detection and response systems.

Confidently reduce your risk and liability, while maintaining compliance. Without breaking your budget.

Worried that your current I.T team overwhelmed with implementing cybersecurity protections?

Our team will support your current MSP or IT and help them to become cybersecurity rockstars! Our company only provides cybersecurity solutions. This allows us to give you the best possible solutions to reduce your risk of attack. Providing you with the ability to detect, respond, and remediate cyber-attacks faster than ever before.

Our team is a Managed Security Service Provider in 5 countries. That means we provide MSP's and I.T. Consultants with cybersecurity products and services to support their clients' needs. We offer you cybersecurity solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Are you looking for a clear plan to help create your cybersecurity culture?

We can provide you with additional cost savings by providing you with Virtual CISO/CIO services. This is just one of the many services offered by the Business Cybersecurity System.

How does the Business Cybersecurity System help you?

The Business Cybersecurity System helps to protect you against the following types of security incidents.

The problem with cybercrime is that every company is a target. Cybercrimes are frauds maliciously imposed on your company.

The sad reality is that 60% of companies will close their doors within six months of a cybersecurity incident. Cybercrime is the business cancer that silently kills companies regardless of their size, revenues, or success.

2020 has been a perfect storm for cybercriminals. These criminals have become organized and exploit your vulnerabilities. There are some cyber criminals that NET $2 Million dollars per week! That's right, NET, not Gross.

One of the fastest-growing threats against companies is ransomware. Ransomware-As-A-Service has become a business model. It's used by criminals to extort and embarrass companies into paying their ransom demands.

Exclusive Benefit When You Work with ChatFortress:

ChatFortress can provide you with proactive defenses against ransomware and malware based attacks. Our team has independently audited and optimized defenses against over 643 different Ransomware and Malware attacks. Helping ensure your company doesn't become tomorrow's news headline victim.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible ransomware and malware cyberattack protection on the market today. We focus on protecting you against real-world threats.

None of ChatFortress's clients have been a victim of ransomware in over 6 years!

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Schedule a time now to discuss how we can give you confidence in your cybersecurity response plans.

ChatFortress has created the Business Cybersecurity System to help protect companies big and small. The Business Cybersecurity System provides you with full protection based on your needs and business goals.

Our team provides you with cybersecurity solutions that give you a competitive advantage without breaking your budget.

Choose the solutions you would like to learn more about:

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Detect and Respond to cyber threats faster with our Autonomous End-point Breach Protection. Let our team monitor and detect cybersecurity threats against your network, users, files and hosts 24/7 via our ThreatFortress Cynet360 XDR and Response Automation platform.

Email Guardian

Detect and Remove BAD Emails from your inbox in 3 Seconds or less! ChatFortress is the world’s first automated phishing, prevention, detection and response platform combining humans and machine intelligence with machine learning to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

Ransomware Breach and Attack Simulation

Are you confident that the systems you have in place are configured correctly to detect and respond against a ransomware attack? Let our automated breach and attack simulation platform audit your security environments to confirm your company is resilient to real-world attacks used by cybercriminals.

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Schedule a time now to discuss how we can give you confidence in your cybersecurity response plans.