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Gain a competitive edge and grow your MSP with confidence.

Discover how to reduce your expenses while increasing your sales without doing the boring work!

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From the Desk of Benjamin Bressington.

Hello. My name is Benjamin Bressington the CEO of ChatFortress and I want to invite you to experience a new way of growing your MSP.

Without spending hours learning new software or purchasing software licenses in bulk that require you to work an additional 40 hours a week. That's right! We have taken everything that sucks about providing your clients with cybersecurity solutions and made it easier.

Easier for you to increase sales. Easier for you to operate your business. Easier to confidently provide your clients with solutions without worry about the latest ransomware attack.

Finally, an MSSP that supplies you with 100% managed cybersecurity products along with all of the sales and marketing resources you need to grow your business.

The Cybersecurity Marketing System has been designed to help MSPs or IT Consultants grow their business by leveraging 100% managed solutions that help their clients detect, remediate, and respond to security threats in real-time. Regardless of your current business age, income, certifications, or target markets.

The ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System provides you with access to the Cybersecurity Software Solutions, Support Engineers, and the Sales & Marketing Systems for you to confidently secure your client’s business against cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Marketing System

This program has been designed specifically for MSP’s to:

  • Reduce your need to learn new software. - We manage the software for you.
  • Reduce your need to train technicians. - We become part of your team and will train your technicians on workflows.
  • Reduce your need to have people available 24/7. - We provide 24/7 support + protection.
  • Reduce your need for multiple software licenses. - We provide you the latest cybersecurity XDR solutions and integrate these solutions for you!
  • Reduce your need to purchase licenses in bulk or on annual contracts. - We provide you with month-to-month license agreements based on your CURRENT usage!
  • Provide you with access to the latest in cybersecurity best practices that you can implement within minutes. - We provide you with confidence in the solutions you are recommending and providing your clients.
  • Provide you access to Virtual CISOs and CIOs, to help you deliver value to your clients. - Improve your credibility with your leads and clients by leveraging our in-house experts.
  • Provide clear strategies for customer acquisition and client onboarding. - Swipe our systems that make it easier for you to manage your clients.
  • Proven marketing strategies that help you gain a competitive advantage. - Swipe our proven marketing strategies that are closing deals in today’s marketplace, because these are the system we use every day!

How does the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System work?

Your business success is determined by the value and confidence you deliver to your clients.

This means that buying software licenses or completing cybersecurity certifications does not increase your sales. You still need to implement cybersecurity systems into your client’s business, then manage these solutions.

The ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System helps you provide the best possible security solutions to your clients, without you becoming a system integrator.

Duck-tape cybersecurity is the worst type of cybersecurity program. It’s a ticking time bomb waiting for a ransomware or malware attack to make you look stupid.

After speaking with 100’s of MSP’s most are concerned about the current cybersecurity solutions (their security stack) they provide to their clients. Knowing that your current cybersecurity solutions have gaps or are weak. Therefore exposing your clients to the risk of downtime, data loss, or worse business closure if they are hit with ransomware.

If you want confidence in your ability to protect your clients from cyber attacks, read on.

This is where the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System helps you. Because we provide you with 100% managed Cybersecurity solutions that help you deliver maximum value to your clients for pennies on the dollar.

None of the thousands of our clients that use our cybersecurity stack have been a victim of ransomware in over 5 years.

When you join the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System you gain access to world-class enterprise managed security solutions. Security solutions that have been rated by Gartner as #1 in its class.

Cybersecurity Marketing System

What the Cybersecurity Marketing System is NOT:

The ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System is not a Do-It-Yourself program. This is not the program that provides you with fancy software dashboards that require you to spend hours managing, optimizing, and responding to alerts.

This program is NOT designed for companies:

  • That want to manage their own 24/7 Secure Operations Center (SOC).
  • Companies that want to integrate security solutions or create their own security stack.
  • Companies that need our solutions to integrate into your current RMM or ticketing solutions. No, this does not replace your ticketing system, you see, it’s not needed to leverage the full potential of our security solutions.
  • That want to spend hours threat-hunting or completing penetration tests.
  • That want to train technicians in-house to manage software.
  • Companies that don’t want to grow and expand.
  • Companies that are slow-moving slugs that aren’t interested in providing clients with rapid cyber threat detection and response protocols.
  • That are looking for some get rich quick cybersecurity product or program that doesn’t require you to approach clients and have conversations.
  • That are looking for the cheapest possible solution to provide your clients. Cheap solutions are expensive later.

Why the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System is a Managed Program?

After speaking with 1000’s of MSP’s we found that most companies are overwhelmed, overworked, and short-handed. This means that the cybersecurity program they implement is destined to fail because cybersecurity is an evolving threat.

We understand the cybersecurity threats that are attacking companies, online and offline. Cybersecurity is a full-time activity and requires your ability to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most MSPs operate on a Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm schedule and therefore fail to provide real-time protection against cyber threats.

Cyberattacks increase after hours and on weekends.

We realized that we can provide MSPs with a new level of support by providing a 24/7 managed cybersecurity solution that includes access to our turn-key ready to use marketing strategies helping you to grow your business.

ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System is:

Cybersecurity Marketing System

Who Is ChatFortress?

ChatFortress was founded by Benjamin Bressington in 2018 and since this time Benjamin has lead ChatFortress to serve clients in the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, and Asia. Benjamin Bressington has a Bachelor of Law from Southern Queensland Australian University with specializations in criminology. Benjamin became an international expert on Gamification and the application of game mechanics to business and created the GAMER Formula. After publishing 300 IOS and Andriod apps Benjamin consulted with companies around the world to increase user engagement. Several companies approached Benjamin to use the human behavioral approach to resolve Wire Transfer Fraud issues for title companies in the USA and Australia. Approaching security problems from a human behavior perspective is what launched ChatFortress.

ChatFortress has become one of the Fastest growing MSSPs in the USA. ChatFortress is a privately held company with international operations and has a 25-year plan to become a leading Cybersecurity provider worldwide. ChatFortress integrates the best cybersecurity solutions from around the world and provides seamless access to these solutions. Providing you with confidence in your cybersecurity resilience.

ChatFortress is the creator of the Cybersecurity Report Card and is the largest public directory of external security audits in the world.

ChatFortress has created its own proprietary security software solutions that help companies secure their communications. The mission of ChatFortress is to provide companies with cyberattack resilience.

Benefits of Working with ChatFortres

  • Access the word-class cybersecurity best practices that provide you with confidence in the solutions you are providing your clients.
  • Monthly dynamic licensing. No need to purchase licenses in bulk with annual contracts.
  • Access proven sales and marketing systems.
  • 100% managed cybersecurity solutions reducing your backend workload.
  • Access personalized business growth strategies.
  • Fast-track success with 500 leads.
  • Integrated sales training to maximize your success.

Protecting companies around the world against real-time cyber attacks.


Do I have to join the ChatFortress Cybersecurity Marketing System to access the products?

Yes, we provide access to our software and systems to members of the ChatFortress Club. This allows us to only work with companies that are serious about their success. Membership can be month to month or annually based on the membership level.

Why do I have to join the club?

Because we have found that Reseller Partners had more success when we provided them with sales and marketing support in conjunction with our cybersecurity solutions. The partners that choose the DIY approach often took 3 months to get onboarded and selling. Where the clients that we provided the managed solution are often processing their first sales within 72 hours if not 24 hours. Therefore we decided to offer this as 100% managed only to increase your success rate. Since we also don’t provide our licensing on a yearly contract but on a dynamic monthly basis with smaller MOQs, we succeed when you grow your number of clients. Therefore our club membership model optimizes the success for all parties.

I’m in Australia is this program for me?

Yes, we have operations within Australia and provide Australian support phone numbers, on Australian time-zones. Benjamin is Australian and grew up in Rockhampton, Queensland, and understands the importance of providing direct access to our partners in Australia. Our Australian phone number is (02) 8007-5410. We do provide our Australian members with Australian Dollar pricing to fix the costs of the programs without currency fluctuations.

I’m in Canada is this program for me?

Yes, we have operations in Canada and provide our programs with Canadian support and Canadian pricing to fix the costs of the programs without currency fluctuations.

I’m just starting will this help me?

Yes, this program is designed to support companies with or without clients. Part of the program includes 500 leads to help you get started, along with all the landing pages, websites, email marketing, video marketing, and sales training you need to succeed. In fact as long as you set up the meeting our team will do the presentations for you. We will support you every step of the way to help you grow your business. We provide you with a 30-day launch blueprint to help you build momentum.

I’m already using Continuum, SentinelOne, Cylance, Huntress, ID Agent, etc etc.

That’s ok. You can use any of the tools you need to secure your client’s business. You may find that you can save time and money by leveraging our existing solutions as they are 100% managed and automated within our system. We also find that some clients save thousands of dollars and end-up canceling out products but that choice it 100% yours and you need to do what’s best for you and your business.

What does 100% managed mean?

That means once you complete the installation which takes less than 2 minutes in most cases our team will handle the rest. We will provide you with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reporting options based on your needs. We will alert you to any critical issues as they arise, and provide you with a summary of our remediation steps already taken along with the next steps you need to take. 100% Managed means our team is monitoring and responding to alerts in real-time so you don’t have to worry about it.