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How many vendors pay you to sell their products?

With the Profit Maximizer
I’ll pay you to grow your sales.

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  1. Profit Maximizer

    Don’t pay license fees until December 1st 2020. This means you profit from all revenues generated until December 1st 2020!

  2. 500 Geo-Targeted Leads

    500 Localized and Targeted Leads Free! That's right to help you grow your business we will help you by providing you with 500 Targeted Leads based on your ideal client demographics.

  3. Make 2020 Safe Again Grant Program

    Our partners can leverage the Make 2020 Safe Again Grant Program to generate leads and win business. Providing you with access up to $60,000 in business grants per client company!

  4. Access Cybersecurity Report Card Program

    Access to Cybersecurity Report Card for Marketing and Lead Generation. Get access to 50 free Cybersecurity Report Cards each month as part of our reseller program. $588 Value Includes Access to our Proprietary Dark Web scanning system.

  5. Next Generation EDR + XDR and more!

    Helping you to work smarter and make more money. Get access to the Cynet360 platform with dynamic license monthly billing. Next Generation 24/7 Autonomous Breach Protection XDR services via our fully managed solution.

  6. Access Marketing Insider Strategies

    Stop wasting money on advertising and marketing that does not convert leads into deals. Our team shared our insider secrets that are working for our company to generate leads online and offline in USA, Canada and Australia. Our team can even how you manage your lead generation via our marketing programs.

  7. Pre-built Marketing Landing Pages

    Stop wasting time and money working on landing pages. Leverage our converting templates that are full configured with your brand and connect to your CRM. $1,997 Value

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I know you have options when it comes to vendors, but how many of them are paying you to sell their products?

chatfortres cynet testimonial

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