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New ransomware attack 10X cybercriminal payday!

That’s right cybercriminals have worked out how to 10X their payday from ransomware attacks.

This is a new variation on current ransomware attacks and we can only expect to see more of these attacks in 2020!

Hackers Demand Ransom From Patients After Breaching Florida Clinic

Hackers are demanding patients of Florida provider Richard Davis, MD pay a ransom to prevent the release of their personal information following a breach of the clinic’s server.

Current and former patients of Richard Davis, MD, who operates The Center for Facial Restoration, have received ransom demands from a cybercriminal who hacked the clinic’s server.

Other providers have reported extortion attempts after a breach in the past year, including CarePartners and plastic surgeon Robert Spies, MD. However, this is one of the first reported incidents where the hackers targeted the patients, rather than just the provider.

Cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated every day. And attackers are smart enough to go after the money every single time. They don’t care who pays, as long as someone pays.

These types of ransomware attacks are happening every 14 seconds. It’s going to be one of the biggest business issues in 2020!

Ransomware attacks are like cancer which kills a business from the inside…

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What can you do to protect yourself?

  1. Review your cybersecurity risk for free at This provides you the hackers perspective to your cybersecurity exposure and provides you with a simple A-F grade.
  2. Validate you have backups that are working and are effective during a ransomware attack. Best way to validate is by performing a ransomware simulation.
  3. Ensure you have a data response and recovery plan. It’s no longer enough to have firewalls. You must assume the hackers are already on the inside.
  4. Create a cybersecurity culture and train everyone on your team about cybersecurity threats. Using a cybersecurity awareness program is a great step in the right direction.

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