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Protect your business against cyberattack with ChatFortress Fortified monitoring

ChatFortress Fortified Program Plans

All plans are month to month.







Account Setup Fee$79$250$500
Monthly Report Cards
Network Guardian (Automated Penetration Testing) Coming Soon ✓
Website Application Firewall
Website Malware Scanning
DDoS Attacks Prevention
Account Users1325
Dark Web Email Monitoring25 Email Addresses50 Email Addresses150 Email Addresses
Dark Web Domain Monitoring1310
Cybersecurity Core 4 Training3 License7 Licenses20 Licenses
Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly Training3 License7 Licenses20 Licenses
Cybersecurity Report Card Embed Widget
Cybersecurity Culture Certification
ChatFortress Cybersecurity Help Desk
Security Insider Webinar Series

What’s included with the ChatFortress Fortified Program?

Monthly Cybersecurity Report Cards:

Your Cybersecurity Report Card will be updated every 30 days. Giving you a snapshot of new vulnerabilities that are exposing your business to increased risk.

Unlock the Cybersecurity Culture Report Card Grade on your listing.

cybersurity culture

Your upgraded Fortified status unlocks the Cybersecurity Culture grading on your report cards. By answering a few questions, your Cybersecurity Culture will be assessed. This displays your company is proactive in protecting your data assets.

Access our Exclusive Hacked Dark Web Scan technology.

ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring scans 11,116,675,678 dark web compromised account records!

cybersurity awareness training knowb4

ChatFortress scans over 11 billion dark web credential records to alert you if your data has been exposed in a data breach. This allows you to change your password and protect yourself from account take-over threats. ChatFortress allows you to setup monitoring of your employees and third party vendors further protecting your against phishing attack threats.


small businesses are at risk of cybercrime

Access the Core-4 Cybersecurity Awareness Training Value $25

The first step in creating a cyber-security culture is educating your employees to the threats they face on a daily basis. Core 4 is your Cybersecurity basics training. Helping you understand the common types of attacks used to steal your identity, data, and money. Core 4 includes lessons on Spear Phishing, Ransomware, Password Security and Business Email Compromise.

Understand exactly how to identify a phishing email, ransomware, the importance of password security and how hackers use email to compromise their accounts.

Added Bonus: Unlock One User License to Our Monthly Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program!

We know that one of the best ways to protect your business against attack is to create a cybersecurity culture. This is where you and your employees are aware of the different types of attacks that cybers criminals use. That’s why we created the Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly Program.

As part of your Fortified subscription you will gain One (1) user license to our Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly program. Additional user licenses can be purchased at a discounted rate. This is where every 14 days (two weeks) you will receive a new 4 minute or less training video on a type of cybersecurity threat. This helps you to understand the types of attacks criminals use and how to protect yourself.

Access insider discounts worth $ 1,000's per month!

Our team searched the world for the best cyber-security resources, helping you fortify your business against attacks. We have resources for you within the protection, detection, response and recovery categories, so you can create digital security that rivals Fort Knocks.

cybersurity awareness training knowb4

Fortified Insider Webinar Series

As a ChatFortress Fortified member, gain access to our insider webinar series. Join the team on live webinars or access the recording vault. Our team talks to cybersecurity insiders giving you the latest in real-world strategies.

Fortified Insider Cybersecurity Help Desk

With cybersecurity, there are always questions about how or what to do. Our team is available to answer your cybersecurity questions via our VIP help desk along with any recommendations you need. This ensures you are never alone and can always ask someone the questions that are preventing your success.

It’s all included with your ChatFortress Fortified monthly subscription!

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