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Cybersecurity Awareness training doesn’t need to be boring or complicated!

ChatFortress delivers fun gamified cybersecurity lessons (4 minutes or less) directly to your employee’s cell phones to help you create a cybersecurity culture.

Cybersecurity Awareness Plans Every Business Can Afford!

Core 4 Foundation

$25 / per user
4 Rapid lessons that core the basic principles of cybersecurity. Great for when you onboard new employees.

  • What is Spearphishing?
  • What is Ransomware?
  • What is Password security?
  • What is Business Email Compromise?
  • Optimized for Cyber insurance underwriters, vendor due diligence, and intial business risk audits

Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly

Detailed. Non-intrusive.
$7.97 / per user per month
The Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard is for those who need detailed findings. Generated within 4 hours. View a sample report.

  • 1 Micro Lesson every 14 Days
  • 2 Lessons with Micro Quiz per month
  • 1x Nano Lesson (2 minutes) for executives
  • Cybersecurity Culture Creation Invite 7 to any lesson
  • Employee Completion Analytics
  • 104+ Minutes of Cybersecurity Awareness Training Per Year!


Lesson Sample: Don’t become a victim to wire transfer fraud!

Can I activate Core 4 + Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly?

Yes, we have a plan that is designed for this application. Choose this plan during the checkout. When you attach the license to a user it will send the users a link to Core 4 training first then enroll them in the Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly training. Users will receive their first training video 14 days enrollment.

Is Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly included with Email Guardian?

Yes, if you enroll in the Email Guardian program the Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly is included as part of your package.

Can I add more employees later?

Yes you can add licenses as you need them. The Cybersecurity Awareness Monthly is a monthly to month license subscription this allows you to add or remove licenses based on your needs.

Can Core 4 be used for new employees?

Yes, the core 4 has been designed around the needs of HR departments who want to onboard new staff. This allows new employees or contractors to be trained on the Core 4 basic cybersecurity threats. Helping to protect your company and increase awareness. The Core 4 Training is completed within 30 minutes.

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