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Get Alerted when Your Username and Passwords have been compromised in a data breach and exposed to hackers on the dark web!

ChatFortress scans the dark web to assess if your personal information and account information has been compromised in a data breach. These data breaches expose your data to cyber criminals which increases your risk of cyber attacks, which include email phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and malware exploits. These real-time alerts help you to identify vulnerabilities, so you can be proactive in your cybersecurity efforts.

How ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring Protects You

ChatFortress scans over 11 billion dark web credential records to alert you if your data has been exposed in a data breach. This allows you to change your password and protect yourself from account take-over threats. ChatFortress allows you to setup monitoring of your employees and third party vendors further protecting your against phishing attack threats.


Account Take Over (ATO) costs more than $5.2 Billion dollars per year!

Your data maybe compromised not because of a mistake you have made. But it could have been a mistake a company you interact has made. Validate if the companies you are interacting are safe and secure. Check which of the companies employees have been compromised so you can protect yourself from cyber attacks!

ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring scans 11,116,675,678 dark web compromised account records!

ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring Alerts You to Data Compromise, Helping You Be Pro-Active Against Cyber Attacks


Protect Your Organization

Identify which employees are at risk and have been hacked. Ensure no compromised passwords are being used.

Make Your Employees Aware

Show your employees their vulnerabilities and advise them on next steps to protect their credentials.


Get Alerted When Your 3rd Party Vendors are Hacked!

Hackers exploit trust via their email phishing cyber attacks. Monitoring your vendors allows you to be alerted to threats and defend yourself from these attacks. Your vendors may not even realized they have been compromised! ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring Exlusive feature!

Hacked Dark Web Monitoring Plans

Personal Plan


5 Personal Emails

0 Domain Scans

5 Vendor Scans

Family Plan


25 Personal Emails

1 Domain Scans

5 Vendor Scans

Business Silver


50 Personal Emails

1 Domain Scans

50 Vendor Scans

Business Gold


150 Personal Emails

5 Domain Scans

200 Vendor Scans

The Dark Web is Cybercriminals Disneyland

Over 50% of all websites on the dark web are used for criminal activities including the sales of digital credentials. You may have had your digital credentials sold on the dark web because of a data breach and you wouldn’t even know.

How do credentials end up on the dark web?

Data breaches happen on a daily basis because of the third party vendors you and your company uses. With ChatFortress Hack Monitoring we detect if your credentials have been compromised due to a third party data breach on millions of websites like: HR & Payroll, Email Services, CRM and Marketing Automation, Travel Sites, Banking & Financial Services, Social Media sites.

How ChatFortress Hack Monitoring Helps You:


Data breaches are inevitable but proactive monitoring of stolen data allows you to respond to threats.


ChatFortress Hacked Monitoring scans over 11 billion data repositories, chat rooms, private websites, peer-to-peer networks, botnets and black market websites.


80,000+ emails are compromised daily. Our ability to scan these data breaches allows you to take proactive steps to protecting your data security.


How come there are no results?

Not all searches will yield results. Results will only be shown if the query you searched is found in a data breach that we have indexed.Not everyone’s information has been exposed in a data breach before but a good majority of the general population have been exposed.

Just because your search does not yield results does not mean you are immune from attacks. You should still be implementing safe guards to protect yourself.

What is a “breach” and where has the data come from?

A “breach” is an incident where data is inadvertently exposed in a vulnerable system, usually due to insufficient access controls or security weaknesses in the software. ChatFortress aggregates breaches and enables people to assess where their personal data has been exposed.

What is a “paste” and why include it?

A “paste” is information that has been “pasted” to a publicly facing website designed to share content such as Pastebin. These services are favored by hackers due to the ease of anonymously sharing information and they’re frequently the first place a breach appears.

The ChatFortress systems searches through pastes that are broadcast by the @dumpmon Twitter account and reported as having emails that are a potential indicator of a breach. Finding an email address in a paste does not immediately mean it has been disclosed as the result of a breach. Review the paste and determine if your account has been compromised then take appropriate action such as changing passwords.

Is anything logged when people search for an account?

Nothing is explicitly logged by the website. The only logging of any kind is via Google Analytics, Application Insights performance monitoring and any diagnostic data implicitly collected if an exception occurs in the system. Your email is added to our Email Autoresponder so we can provide you with Free resources to increase your awareness. But you can unsubscribe from those emails at any point in time.

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