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Qlocker Ransomware Tradeoff: Increase Your NAS Security or Lose Business?

When you have a business that relies on connectivity and information to function, it is more than just important to keep up with cybersecurity. It’s mandatory.

The new Qlocker ransomware has hit hundreds of NAS devices per day. If your company uses one of these systems for storage or backup purposes, you need to take steps to protect your data from being encrypted by this malicious software. There are two options: either increase the security settings on the device itself or risk losing all of your data entirely!

The latest variant of the Qlocker ransomware replaces all files on the infected device with an encrypted extension, then demands an exorbitant ransom of $550 from victims to decrypt their data.

Ransomware attacks are increasing by hundreds of cases a day on NAS devices.

According to statistics provided, Michael Gillespie, the creator of ID-Ransomware, recently reported the first occurrences on Tuesday, April 20th, and that number is continuing to increase by 100s a day.

To keep your QNAP NAS device from being victim to a ransomware attack, apply the latest app updates.

To prevent a ransomware attack, QNAP fixed an SQL injection bug and removed hardcoded credentials.

QNAP Storage vendor did not disclose the identity of which the Qlocker gang abuses the app to gain access to unpatched devices.

The BitcoinBazar ransomware strains, Ech0raix attacks also spiked.

The Qlocker ransomware gang is attacking hundreds of QNAP NAS devices per day, but users are not only at risk from the Qlocker gang but also eCh0raix.

QNAP advised users to update their apps for a new Qlocker attack from the Qlocker gang and eCh0raix.

In a recent security study, it was said that the eCh0raix gang is attacking QNAP NAS devices at high rates. While they are not currently doing so as often as the Qlocker gang, there has been an increase in attacks throughout recent days suggesting that they might have found one of the same bugs.

Owners of QNAP devices are advised to update the apps that run on top of their NAS firmware right away to avoid being hit by ransomware. Those who do not want to take unnecessary risks are advised to take systems offline until the Qlocker attacks subside and officially confirm successful patches from QNAP.

At this time, there is no way to unlock the 7zip password if Qlocker has encrypted your file.

Luckily, one security researcher was able to help 50 victims recover their files for free by bypassing Qlocker’s ransom payment verification routine.

How can you protect your business from this threat?

Ransomware has been a growing problem in the past year, and more recently, QNAP NAS devices have become the new targets of this cyberattack. To protect your data against ransomware attacks, you should always be vigilant about keeping your system up-to-date with firmware patches and enabling two-factor authentication for important accounts like email or social media sites.

It pays to be prepared for these types of cyber-attacks. If you want your business to stay safe, it’s crucial to invest in cybersecurity solutions as soon as possible.

Are you confident that the systems you have in place are configured correctly to detect and respond against a ransomware attack?

Cymulate’s Immediate Threat Intelligence vector is designed to inform and evaluate your organization’s security posture as quickly as possible against the latest cyber-attacks. The Cymulate Research Lab created the simulation that catches and analyzes threats immediately after cybercriminals and malicious hackers launch them.

By running this breach and attack simulation, you can validate within a short time if your organization would be vulnerable to these latest threats and take measures before an attack takes place.

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