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What’s your cybersecurity risk report card rating?

Understand your cybersecurity exposure risk in 15 minutes or less! Companies that receive a grade between C-F are 5 times more like to experience a data breach.

ChatFortress helps companies understand and reduce their cybersecurity risk. Don’t become a victim of ransomware, malware, or a costly data breach.


What’s Your Cybersecurity Risk?

ChatFortress quantifies your cybersecurity risk profile and provides you with the blueprint to reduce your risk!

Discover how hackers, partners, and customers see your organizations vulnerabilities from the outside. We grade you from A to F, so you know instantly where your risks are. ChatFortress allows you to understand your 3rd Party Vendor Risks and mitigate your risk profile.

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Quantified Cybersecurity Risk Plus Action Plans!

Do you know how to reduce your risk?

ChatFortress quantifies your cybersecurity risk profile and provides you with the blueprint to reduce your risk. Our team can help monitor your companies risk from the out-side and provide you with personalized plans that support your IT and SOC Teams.



Discover what the hackers already know about your company!

Constantly emerging sophisticated cyber attacks jeopardize your business every minute of every day. ChatFortress Cybersecurity Reports cards instantly identifies vulnerabilities, active exploits, and advanced cyber threats to help you rigorously protect your business and strengthen your security posture – from an outside-in perspective, enabling you to see what a hacker sees.

What’s a ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Card?

Knowing your Cybersecurity Report card Grade gives you the information necessary to protect your business from cyberattacks and increases your awareness of third-party risks. ChatFortress Cyber Report Cards allow you to monitor your own cyber risks as well as the cyber hygiene of your entire vendor ecosystem. With easy-to-understand letter-grade scores, you will have a clear view of your security posture, understand how you compare against your competitors and know your status on relevant compliance standards and regulations. Our Report Cards are generated in less than 15 minutes can can provide you with complete blueprint of your companies vulnerabilities.


ChatFortress Report Cards are the Ultimate Cybersecurity Risk Self-Assessment Tools!

Protect yourself from cyber attacks and understand what hackers already know about you. ChatFortress Report Cards is a complete solution that provides actionable and easy-to-understand information for business executives while providing detailed drill-down technical data and recommendations for information security personnel. Validate your IT Team is protecting your business. These independent assessments assessments make it easy for you to understand your current exposure.

Do you know what a data breach will cost your company financially?

Using our proprietary FAIR formulas ChatFortress can calculate the costs of a data exposure. This allows you to ensure you have the right insurance coverage.


Looking for Cybersecurity Insurance but not sure about how much?

Let the ChatFortess team help you qualify your risk and the type of coverage you need for your insurance needs. Call 307-999-7755

Want to discover which of your third-party vendors are high risk?

ChatFortress proprietary system can calculate your third-party vendors and suppliers risk ratings. Sharing confidential and critical information with your suppliers and vendors is part of doing business. However do you know if your vendors take cybersecurity as seriously as you do?

Your third-party vendors multiplies cybersecurity exposure and risk. It’s important to know how secure your vendors are along with how you need to work with vendors who are insecure. ChatFortress Cyber Risk Report cards allow you to monitor and manage third-party cyber risks for thousands of suppliers in minutes. All we need is the domain name of the vendors you want to monitor. Our team can help you assess all of your third party vendors Call 307-999-7755

Account Take Over Frauds

Discover how hackers think about attacking your business

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Included

ChatFortress Report Cards include open-source intelligence (OSINT) to gather information. ChatFortress generates the scorecard without scanning or modifying any of the company’s business assets. Saving you time and money along with helping you to understand the hackers perspective to your vulnerabilities.

ChatFortress Report Card Options:

ChatFortress Rapid

Fast, No-Setup, Non-intrusive


The Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard evaluates your company in minutes!

Instant cyber risk posture analysis

11 categories of reporting

250+ security checklist itemsVisibility to cyber risk posture for SMBs

User interface or API-based and fully automated

Optimized for Cyber insurance underwriters, vendor due diligence, and intial business risk audits

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Comprehensive Report Card

Detailed. Non-intrusive.


The Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard is for those who need detailed findings. Generated within 4 hours. View a sample report.

Non-intrusive, outside-in scan using only the domain name

20 categories, 500+ security checklist items

Visibility to a detailed cyber risk posture analysis

First step of cyber Kill Chain = hacker reconnaissance

Perfect for self-risk assessments and vendor risk management

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Monthly Automated Reporting

Customized Report Card Levels

$197-$1547 / month

Get updated report cards per month on your business to stay ahead of the criminals

Option for Rapid or Comprehensive Report Cards

Visibility to a detailed cyber risk posture analysis

First step of cyber Kill Chain = hacker reconnaissance

Perfect for self-risk assessments and vendor risk management

Discounts applied for monthly or quaterly subscriptions

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Why ChatFortress Cybersecurity Report Cards

We know it’s difficult to find the right solution. So many products, so much techno-babble and so many features. We thought we’d tell you about what makes ChatFortress different from the rest. Besides that every report comes with a one-on-one consultation to explain report findings. This ensure you truly understand the data we expose and how to reduce your risk.

Instant Risk Assessment

The ChatFortress Report Card Rapid evaluates any company’s security posture in 60 seconds. Organizations can generate up to 100,000 scorecards, to measure the risk of your entire supply chain in less than a day. Our scorecards are optimized for third-party risk management for supply chain vendors, cyber insurance underwriters and vendor due diligence for M&A activity. For those who need deeper analysis, the comprehensive Cyber Risk report card gives you a more detailed report card.

Compliance Check… Are you compliant?

ChatFortress classifies it’s findings into FISMA Cyber Security Framework Area and Maturity Level, NIST 800-37 Process Step. This classification allows you to measure the compliance level of the target company for different regulations including NIST 800-53, FISMA, ISO 27001, COBIT and GDPR. ChatFortress can use the cross-walking capability to calculate the compliance level of a standard based on the input given from another standard. This is included with each of your reports at no additional charge.

The 3D Hackers Perspective

ChatFortress’s vision is to give a 3D cybersecurity risk view of a vendor by providing ChatFortress Cyber Risk Report cards (technical), Shared Assessments' SIG Questionnaire (policies and processes) and FAIR results (the probable impact in financial numbers). Discover how hackers will compromise your system and what you need to do to reduce your risk.

Cybersecurity Standards Based

On risk rating, ChatFortress adopted NIST, FAIR and MITRE (CTSA, CWRAF, CVE, CVSS, CWSS) standards based approach whereas the competitors developed their own proprietary algorithms. As results, customers express increased confidence in ChatFortress’s report results because they are easy to understand and auditable.

Remediation Recommendations

ChatFortress provides detailed on information on how hackers can exploit each risk or adversely impact cyber reputation as well as a detailed information on how to mitigate it. ChatFortress cyber risk report card is a complete solution that provides actionable and easy to understand information to business executives while providing detailed technical data and recommendations to information security personnel and IT departments.

Grading System

ChatFortress report cards don’t use complicated grading systems that require hours of training. Our simplified reports transforms complicated information into a grade scale that every company instantly understands. Companies are graded A-F based on their expose vulnerabilities.

63% of breaches originate from hacked third parties.

Don’t spend hours trying to assess your 3rd party vendors. ChatFortress can quantify your risk in minutes!

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