Converting cold leads into $40,000+ contracts in less than 30 days without fancy training, certifications or seminars!

I'm sure you got into the cybersecurity business because you believed that all businesses will want and desire security.

However, once you started having conversations with prospects, you find out their cybersecurity priorities were very low. In fact, the risk of a data breach or ransomware doesn’t even make their top 20 of importance! Talk about frustrating!

I loved the idea of the Audit, but I wanted to be able to scale this Audit idea quickly. I also realized that if I could rapidly complete many audits at that same time and then publish the results, I would have companies approaching me, rather than me chasing them.

The question then was…how could I leverage peer pressure, human behavior triggers like FOMO, fear of Loss, status and social power as part of these audits?

I wanted to create a technology tool that overcame all the major objections and show companies their vulnerabilities within seconds. I desired to give them a real cybersecurity posture snapshot. I wanted to create a real conversation starter that allowed quality conversations that led to signed contracts!

Sounds like a big ask…right?

Therefore, the challenge became - how fast can I gain the trusted authority positioning in order to attract clients like bears to honey?

The marketing system I created is producing results like I’ve never seen before. Our company is on track to adding millions of recurring revenue dollars this year alone because of this technology!

This system also increased our ROI with Facebook/PPC ads, social media posts and direct mail!

Here is what I did…I realized that the only way I could change the conversations people are having around cybersecurity was to create a different standard for having the conversation.

So instead of dealing with cybersecurity statements like… ”We got this covered” and “we’ll get to it” …along with the attitude of… “I will deal with it when it happens” and then chasing the phantom cybercriminal down like trying to capture the legend of BigFoot…

You now have an instant visual urgent marketing tool that will expose their cybersecurity weaknesses instantly. This is like having a Doctor show you a cancerous growth on an x-ray that’s going to kill you unless you deal with it immediately! You then are extremely motivated to do whatever it takes to sign the paperwork and get the cancer out!

Are you starting to realize how exciting this will be for the growth of your business?

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