Small businesses are under attack!

Something is killing business that’s worse than cancer.

It’s eating the business from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter how long they have been in business.

It doesn’t matter what industry.

It doesn’t matter if it is VC funded or bootstrapped.

It doesn’t matter if they are operated by college-educated or college dropouts.

The sad story is that six months after this event happens 60% of the business will close their doors forever.

Small businesses are 81% more likely to experience a cyberattack that companies with more than 100 employees.

What’s worse is that when a ransomware attack occurs, the average ransom demand is $41,198, and it increases every few months. Could you afford to pay this demand to regain access to your computers?

The biggest reason why small businesses fail to implement Cybersecurity systems is due to cost.

But today that changes.

ChatFortress is committed to helping small businesses survive against these digital attacks. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our economy. We need small businesses more than ever in today’s crazy world.

That’s why we are releasing our Small Business Cybersecurity Scholarship program.

Our Small Business Cybersecurity Scholarship program gives small business access to enterprise-level security systems WITHOUT the cost!

That’s right. You can save $699/month just because you are a small business with less than ten employees.

The Small Business Cybersecurity Scholarship program helps small businesses defend against 9 out of 10 cybersecurity attacks that occur due to email.

Email is the front door to cybercriminals, that’s why if we can help you detect and remove bad emails faster. We increase your ability to defend against attacks like ransomware, business email compromise, invoice fraud, and malware.

Get started with the Small Business Cybersecurity Scholarship program today.

Cybercrime is Worse than Cancer and Killing Businesses!

Killing businesses regardless of their size, revenue or industry!

But it doesn't need to be like this.

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