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Don’t become a victim to wire transfer fraud!

This 4 minute video could save you from losing money!

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Hackers steal $110,000 per hour from victims, just like you.

Over 156 Million phishing emails are sent per hour by hackers to extract your money.
Don’t fail victim to these emails.


Are you certain, you are communicating with the right person?

Hackers will impersonate many of the parties connected to the Real Estate Transaction. You need to be aware that hackers will email and call you. You need to know you are a target to these attacks. During the time you are buying and or selling your property.

Everyone is at risk to email phishing attackers wire transfer fraud

Hackers will compromise your email account and wait for the time is right to attack!

It's common for hackers to breach your account and wait 180 days before they attack.

Who is ChatFortress?

ChatFortress is a leading Cybersecurity company that is focused on protecting you from email phishing, malware and ransomware attacks. ChatFortress partners with companies around the world to ensure you data is secure. We provide people with cybersecurity awareness training using our proprietary learning platform that uses gamified micro engagement lessons. ChatFortress protects your email inbox from attacks using our Email Guardian solution.

Our company can help you create a cybersecurity aware culture at home and work.

ChatFortress Mission:

Our mission is to eliminate wire transfer fraud and email phishing attacks.

This means it’s our goal to support you in eliminating these threats for your company and home environments.

How you can join our mission?

We know we have a bullish mission to achieve in eliminating these threats from your life. But it’s possible if you use the 3 Vector Approach.

Smart Software


Human Security Analysts


Awareness Training


Actions you can take to join our mission:

  1. Share this page with your friends and family.
  2. Share this page with your company and colleagues.
  3. Check if your data has been hacked using our Free Hacked Scan
  4. Enroll your company in a Cybersecurity Awareness Program that educates at last monthly.
  5. Protect your email inbox from phishing attacks.
  6. Activate Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) on your accounts.

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