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Thank You For Your Feedback!

I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and frustrations you had with your Cybersecurity Report Card Grade. We understand that a high achieving individual like yourself that didn’t achieve an A+ can be tough. But, as you know, cybersecurity is a challenging game with massive technical and human data points to evaluate. Simple errors can create enormous vulnerabilities.

You highlighted to us how precise our Cybersecurity Report Card communicates with the complexities of cybersecurity. Even you were able to detect the exposures and understand your issues in seconds. But instead of remediating your vulnerabilities and appreciating what we are trying to do in this complex cyber world, you chose to lash out at us. However, we want you to know that it’s ok and we will not hold it against you. We know how hard it is to accept constructive, unbiased awareness.

“With great power comes great responsibility…”

You also helped us learn an important lesson this week, that our goals were not large enough. We realized that providing just USA businesses with FREE Cybersecurity assessments every year was not sufficient.

I am happy to report…we have now expanded our mission.

We NOW want to provide every business in the WORLD a cybersecurity report card. We want to help business owners understand their risks and know how to reduce their risks. We desire to be the new standard for cybersecurity conversations for any person. Providing every business owner, entrepreneur or asset manager the tools they need to measure and reduce their cybersecurity risk.

As of today, is now actively processing more than 15 Million Cybersecurity Report Cards on businesses that are located in the USA, Canada and the UK for FREE!

So, thank you for helping us realize that we were thinking too small. We should not be worried about other cybersecurity companies, because we provide them with a tool to improve their conversations and grow their business.

Thank you again, for helping us realize that if we want to create a new conversation around cybersecurity, we will get some “push back” and not everyone is going to like what will be revealed.

For too long, there have been companies that have deliberately complicated the cybersecurity process making it hard for business owners to understand it. This lack of understanding results in businesses not taking action to protect themselves and their employees.

Thank you for helping us strengthen our belief in our offering. We will now double down on achieving our goals to help business owners protect their assets from cybercriminals.

To all our partners, we want to personally thank you for your support and belief in our vision. The next few months are going to be amazing!

We are actively seeking partners in Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. We are actively expanding and will ensure before the end of 2020 every single report card is in English, Spanish, German and French.


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