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127 out of 141 Title Companies Compromised on the Dark Web!

Just ran a Hacked Dark Web Scan for Compromised data on 141 Title Companies!

Yes, we used our own dark web hacked data scanning tool, which is free to use if you want to check your email or domain.

The results are scary…

127 out of 141 Title Companies scanned have experienced third party compromised data on the dark web!

From the results only 14 out of 141 companies are NOT compromised.

That means 90.1% of the companies have experience at least ONE third party data compromise!

This means you become a target for hackers because they already know your email address, username and passwords because of these data breaches.

The dark web is Disney Land for hackers. It’s where people with malicious intent get to hangout and learn how to improve their skills. Along with buying exposed credentials. This means hacking into your email accounts or company networks becomes even easier. You have effectively given them the keys to the front door and you didn’t even know it.

Here is my recommendation: complete a Hacked Dark Web scan to see if you are or who on your domain is compromised because of third parties then change your passwords on your accounts. Activate Two Factor Authenitcation on your accounts as an additional layer of security.

Who is ChatFortress

ChatFortress is a leading cybersecurity company that is helping small and medium-size companies protect themselves from hacking attempts. Using Cybersecurity AI, Gamified cybersecurity awareness programs and providing virtual security analysts. Our goal is to help you create a cybersecurity aware culture. ChatFortress helps companies to reduce their cybersecurity risk so they don’t experience ransomware and data breaches.

ChatFortress Email Guardian is the world’s first automated phishing, prevention, detection and response platform combining humans and machine intelligence with machine learning to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach. Eliminate Email Phishing Attacks!

Helping you verify the device and the person you’re sharing wire information with via our secure chat platform. When you need to validate the person you are sending information you need ChatFortress communication. To speak with a ChatFortress Agent call (307) 999-7755. If you want a demo you can Schedule a ChatFortress demo here.

Has your username, password or PII data been exposed to hackers on the darkweb?

Complete your FREE scan using our Hacked Scan Tool which scans over 11 Billion compromised data records and the darkweb to see if your data has been exposed to hackers. We will tell you exactly which third party services exposed your data and what you can do about it. Complete your free scan now it only takes 30 seconds!