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Prepare your employees to work from home safely without exposing your entire company to hackers!

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All videos will automatically play one after the other. If you want to access a certain video you can click on the image block in the bottom right corner of the player window. This will load the entire playlist and allow you to select any of the videos.

Work from home cybersecurity awareness training videos free

The scams you will discover in these videos are used by hackers to steal your identity money and data. These are all real world attacks that have occurred and could have been prevented.

Cyberattacks you will learn about in the 10 Cybersecurity Awareness Videos:

  • Email Spoofing: How hackers impersonate your email!
  • Ransomware is everywhere
  • Phishing Texts (Smishing) Text Message Scams
  • Telephone Scams
  • SIM Hacking – Cloning your phone
  • Email Phishing Scams
  • Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Reusing Password creates liability Turbine Twist
  • Social Media Engineering
  • Working from home – Paid off, Laid off!

We felt like we had to do something for all of those working from home in this current crisis, and this is one of many actions we are taking. ChatFortress provides companies with access to tools to increase their cybersecurity culture along with helping them reduce their cybersecurity risk. Helping you to detect threats in realtime and close the doors to hackers so you don’t become the next news headline.

Got questions on how you can protect your employees against cyberattacks?

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Who is ChatFortress

ChatFortress is a leading cybersecurity company helping business owners protect their assets from cybercriminals. We provide companies with access to the latest technologies, social engineering and human behavioral strategies, and user education to create a proactive cybersecurity culture. Helping you fortify your business against cyberattacks.

Detect and Remove BAD Emails in 3 Seconds!

ChatFortress Email Guardian is the Ultimate Anti-phishing Program as it Detects and Mitgates Email Phishing Attacks in 3 seconds using A.i Real-Time Inbox Scanning for Phishing Prevention!

We support Small Business and have released the Small Business Cybersecurity Scholarship Program.

Providing Small Business with enterprise cybersecurity protection without the enterprise price tag! You can save over $699/month if you qualify for one of our Small Business Scholarships.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Criminals!

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