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Your username is not safe: 8 Billion Username Leaked Since June 2011

Do you use the same username across multiple websites? If so, you might not be as safe as you thought. Nearly 8 billion usernames or personal data have been leaked or stolen and are available for anyone to search on Google. This is a major security data breach that could lead to identity theft or other cyber crimes against your person. Before we discuss how this leak happened, let’s find out why it matters if someone has your username.

With the recent news of a major data leak, it is important to be aware of what you are sharing on social media and online. A security researcher has recently breached nearly 8 billion usernames from sites like Yahoo!, Linkedin, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and more. These users are now at risk for identity theft or other cyber crimes that could happen in the future. In this blog post we will discuss how to keep your information safe when using social media or websites.

This is a list of the largest public data breaches we know about so far. But this list only scratches the surface as there are constantly new security breaches in all industries happening every day.

We were surprised to find that there’s more non-hashed, leaked passwords than our population on Earth! Your information is potentially open for anyone to have access.

Breach data are usually seen as one-time events that happen only to specific people.

But when we zoom out, we see a bigger issue. All of our information is always at risk on the internet and will eventually get impacted by this entropy – there’s no such thing as being perfectly safe electronically or enough protection to stop it from happening.

We are all perpetually subject to the dangers of entropy, no matter how meticulous our protection efforts may be. It’s a wonder that we ever find ourselves in any position where our information is safe – and this reality should make us more vigilant about being careful with what personal data we share.

Electronic security can never provide perfect safety – it will eventually fall victim to an inevitable march towards chaos on the internet as time marches onward. This means there really isn’t much you could do if your account were compromised other than change passwords or delete accounts entirely; but even then hackers have ways around those measures since they’re constantly evolving their methods too!

Data Breaches are an unavoidable reality of the digital age.

If you’re one of those people who has accounts on multiple website – it’s time to start paying attention and changing your passwords now. We recommend enabling two-factor authentication too, which requires a secondary device or application (like Google Authenticator) in order to log into your account from new devices.

It is important that you are constantly being vigilant about the security of your accounts on various websites to prevent stolen data – it should be an everyday habit! In addition to making sure all of our information stays private and secure, we also need assurance when using online services that nobody else can access them without permission – protecting who has control over what happens with those credentials.

What is Data Breach?

Data breaches are when someone copies or otherwise acquires confidential information from a business company’s data stores, employees personal information, business financial information, sensitive information, media archives, email addresses and/or other private digital assets. The effects of these breaches can come in the form of damage to the target company’s reputation and missing your personal information associated with that event.

Data breaches expose an entire landscape of people as potential victims, from individuals to high-level enterprises and government. As more devices are interconnected with one another, the opportunities for hacked data also increase. New technologies emerge faster than they can be secured, while new products take minimal security precautions prior to release. The number of data breach victims will only get worse.

Many “smart home” products have gaping flaws, like lack of encryption, and hackers are taking advantage of them. Even if the backend technology was set up perfectly, some users will likely still have poor digital habits.

Number of accounts breach

  • Android Forum: In 2011, Android forum was breached with 745,355 accounts compromised.
  • LinkedIn: 164 million LinkedIn accounts were compromised in 2012
  • Myspace: In 2013, Myspace was breached with 360 million users affected.
  • Tumblr: In 2013, Tumblr was breached with 65 million user accounts was exposed
  • Rambler: In 2013, 91 million data breaches was reported.
  • Kickstarter: In 2014, 5 million data breach with 900 million cumulative account data breach
  • AshleyMadison: 2015, was also reported with 30 million data breach
  • Dailymotion: 2016, 85 million data breach
  • LiveJournal: 2017, 26 million data breach report
  • MyFitnessPal: 2018, 143 million data breach report
  • Dubsmash: 2018, 161 million data breach
  • Apollo: 2018, 125 million data breach
  • Canva: 2019, 137 Million data breach
  • VerificationIO: 2019, 763 million data breach
  • Facebook: 2019, 500 million data breaches
  • Zynga: 2019, 172 million data breaches
  • Wattpad: 2020, 268 million data breaches
  • SuperVPNGeckoVPN: 20 million data breaches

What is meant by data breach?

Data breaches are a major problem that has swept the nation in recent years. Hackers can gain access to data through various methods, such as social engineering and malware.

Data breach is one of the most contentious issues among security experts today with many people arguing over what constitutes an actual hack or cyber attack versus someone simply trying to get your personal information without any malicious intent.

A recent data breach in the credit card industry resulted in over 40 million credit cards account being compromised. This has evidently put a lot of people’s credit card numbers at risk – as well as their financial situation. The company, which was a website store that sells shoes and clothing, is not saying exactly how they were breached or what information hackers may have obtained from them yet but I’m sure if it’s any consolation we know this can happen to anyone regardless of who you are!

Data Breach Incidents

Millions of cardholders have become victims to credit card fraud each year. The total amount lost in 2016 was over $16 billion dollars, which is a 19% increase from the previous year!

A company reported that their network had been breached and customer data was compromised.

A major payment card breach has just occurred, compromising the security of almost all customers to this one specific company. This is a huge issue as it not only impacts those who have an account with them but also individuals using other companies’ cards while doing business there for goods or services- no matter how big or small! Make sure you’re checking your statements regularly in order to detect any strange transactions; if so contact both the merchant’s bank AND your own immediately.

What is meant by data breach?

Data breaches are a risk of personal privacy in the digital age. Data is vulnerable to being exposed and stolen from an organization’s system that stores it on behalf of its customers or users, which has potential consequences for everyone involved.

The dangers can be mitigated by establishing policies around how data managers must handle sensitive information as well as setting up strong security protocols against attacks such as ransomware – but they will inevitably happen again until we learn to stop depending so heavily on systems where our private information resides solely with outside organizations over whom we have little control.

A common related example was when Target had their customer records compromised back in 2013 due to malware infected point-of-sale terminals used at checkout payment computer stations throughout their retail chain store locations across America during Black Friday.

The consequences of data breaches are costly both economically but also on an emotional level for people who feel violated after learning that others may be able to access sensitive details about them without permission which include names, addresses, phone numbers etcetera depending what was breached given business niche or organization type such as hospitals where patient files were exposed could lead individuals with mental health issues back through trauma already experienced from ailment previously dealt with it’s important not only protect yourself but your loved ones too.

How do you know if you have a data breach?

  1. You may receive an email from a service you use with suspicious links in it.
  2. Your accounts been breached and your password has changed.
  3. Have you received any emails asking for sensitive information?

The problem with usernames is that they’re too easy for hackers to guess. When you have an account, the username becomes your email address and it’s what people use to find you on other sites. The more information available about a person increases their chances of being hacked and then data breached.

Your username is a crucial part of your digital persona. It’s what other people use to find your network online, and it has the power to make or break who they think you are before even meeting in person… but have we stopped asking ourselves if our usernames are truly secure?

Consider yourself lucky if hackers never get their hands on any personal information about one specific user: that means all data under this account would remain safe from prying eyes because there wouldn’t be enough info for them to guess passwords. However, with more and more social media sites popping up every day – each having its own requirements when choosing an ID name – most users take less than five minutes selecting their details while forgetting how easy it might be for someone else

How does a data breach affect me?

A data breach can affect you in many ways. For instance, it could make your private details vulnerable to theft or misuse by hackers. With this type of vulnerability, the consequences may be dire and irreversible with regards to one’s personal privacy as well their identity such that they are exposed for fraud all because a company had poor security measures against hacking into its system without permission from an authorized person who is given access rights over those systems

A data breach doesn’t just put sensitive details at risk – it also puts our identities and finances on the line! If someone steals my credentials through a hack then I am especially susceptible to becoming victim of identify theft since most people use simple passwords like “123456” which would take them no time at all when

What should you do now?

Change your password immediately and enable two-fact authentication on all of your accounts that offer it.

Passwords should be strong, and not something that is easily guessed. The longer the password, the stronger it will be. Users may want to change their usernames too so they are easier for you to remember without having them as your email address.

And finally, if you have any sensitive data on there like banking we recommend using a cybersecurity solutions.

In the event of a cyberattack, ChatFortress provides companies that utilize their services with an additional layer of protection. Their real-time detection system makes it possible to find and mitigate threats before they escalate into larger issues like downtime or financial loss

ChatFortress is not only able to prevent these losses from occurring in the first place but also help organizations recover from them more efficiently by providing access control security controls for data recovery as well as incident response procedures which can be deployed when needed – giving businesses peace of mind knowing that if such attacks occur again there are resources available for quick action at hand without having to deal with expensive consultants who might have been contacted after a breach has already occurred

ChatFortress is a tool that helps prevent online attackers from getting to you with their malicious schemes. This smart, innovative software detects and blocks the commands of cybercriminals so they can’t cause any harm.

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